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It’s a few years since I’ve penned a sonnet. However, in the isolation of a West Yorkshire dining room, this evening I felt moved to quill prose about the prevailing shenanigans surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic:- SONNET TO COVID Indiscriminate pathogen, agenda stark  Rendering us hermits, unless we roam park  Enough already, you’ve made toxic mark  Existence jeopardy, including ex-footballer Frank Clark    Enforced social distancing, your legacy benefaction  Crowd gathering bans […]

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LS Lowry in LS11?!

Sustained by a Costa coffee, sausage sandwich and a bottle of iced sparkling water, I currently gaze down from a perch in the aforementioned cafe. The target of this voyeurism the massed ranks of consumers below as they wander the main shopping centre thoroughfare, in which I temporarily lodge. There’s something almost poetic about watching these browbeaten looking souls navigate the retail outlets aisles. This visual sonnet, whose verses relay […]

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A couple of days back a mate in Gateshead announced on social media he’d become a grandad. Witnessing this posting led me to post a tribute YouTube video on my buddy’s timeline showing a recording of Dad’s Army actor Clive Dunn’s 1970’s novelty single ‘Grandad’. A misguided action on my part which’ve meant for the past forty eight hours the refrain’s lyrics and tune have been looping on repeat play […]

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The Self-Proclaimed Bard of Bardsey

A couple of years back, in an attempt to increase the versatility of my work, I set myself a challenge of penning poetry, as an aside to my daily blog. Deliberately quilled in an enigmatic, cryptic and pretentious style, these sonnets provoked the reader into their own challenge of unravelling the meaning of the locutions. I must have written around fifty of these poems in the summer of 2017. Prose […]

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The Choir Invisible Risible?!

Following the recent emptying of garbage bins by refuse collectors, the wheelie bin cleaning guy is currently treating our cul-de-sac’s rubbish receptacles to a monthly spruce up. A £3 jet clean removing the cylinders interior and exterior detritus, providing a sparkling facade, along a pleasant fragrance courtesy of sanitising spray. I’m unclear what cologne this chap dowses upon the newly pristine wheelie bins. However, it presents a fresh, clean aroma that’s […]

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Whatever Happened To You?…..

Yesterday in Fit For A Princess I wrote of a moored ex-ferry that in the 1980’s was revamped into a floating nightclub on the Gateshead side of the River Tyne. It’s location close to where the Sage arena now sits. Also located only a stones throw from where the Sage resides stood the now demolished Hawks Road factory my dad managed during the 1970’s/80’s. This company, who’s Leeds headquarters pater left for […]

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Poetic Licence

Around eighteen months ago I dabbled at extending my literary boundaries by trying my hand at writing poetry. All very pompous and tongue in cheek stuff, delivered in an olde worlde style, some of which can be found on my website under the menu title of ‘Pretentious Prose’. These pieces of work were deliberately ostentatious and self-indulgent sonnets that left no stone unturned in my aspirations to make […]

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