Blue Sky Thinking

There is a particularly striking blueness to the sky this morning. Accompanied by sporadic clumps of chaste white clouds, along with the absence of any breeze, it feels meteorologically as though spring has woken from its slumber.

Not wanting to describe this vivid colour as merely sky blue, I sought inspiration from online to provide a better picture of its prominence.

During this research, on the paint company Dulux’s colour chart, I found the closest colour to this sky blue to be ‘Turners Light’. On the Crown Paint’s chart the shade of blue nearest to todays overhead display was ‘Mount Fuji’. I know that doesn’t help if you haven’t access to those charts, but hey why should I do all the work.

The late American crooner Perry Como once proffered by ballad that the bluest eyes you’ll ever see are in Seattle. I’ve never ventured to the seaboard city on the US west coast, so cannot verify the validity of Pierino’s claim. However, if the people there possess eyes the current colour of our West Yorkshire sky then I’m scheduling a visit.

Of course, I’m kidding and I won’t be flying to the city in Washington state. After all, it would be chuffing insane to spend thousands of pounds and fly 12 hours to check the blueness of US citizens iris’. Not to mention I’d also have to elicit the time and cost of acquiring an ESTA visa if I chose to embark of that particular trip of folly.

I’ll just have to take Perry’s words for it!

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Being in possession of blue eyes, I find my iris’ are more vivid when I’ve been exposed to a few days of sunlight. The remainder of the time they tend to be a duller shade of aqua.

My understanding is that Seattle has a similar temperate climate to us in the UK, so it can’t be the solar rays responsible for their impressive ‘Turners Light’ sight provision units.

In 2008, a group of scientists opined that originally we all had brown eyes. Their research tracked down a single genetic mutation that leads to eyes of ‘Mount Fuji’, with a suggestion that this manifested itself in an area to the north west of the Black Sea.

DNA research in the region of the OCA2 gene among blue-eyed people suggests they may have a single common ancestor…… It doesn’t say who this solitary forefather is, but my money is on Warren Beatty.

I’m currently around an hour into penning this narrative and true to form the sky is now grey, with not a sign of ‘Turners Light’ to be seen overhead. Instead we now have a sky of ‘Dusted Damson’ (source -Dulux colour chart) or ‘Granite Dust’ (source – Crown colour chart).

As such I’ve abandoned all thoughts of a coffee in my back garden. Instead, I’ll remain at my laptop in the dining area, slurping cacophonously on a cup of Azera Americano in the comfort of an easy chair.

What is the lesson from this monologue of many tangents?

Well hopefully I’ve given a soupcon of useful info about blue eyes, the city of Seattle; not forgetting four potential paint colour names if you’ve any upcoming plans to decorate in blue or grey.

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