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tale yarn

The Final Purge

Saturday 28th April – Childhood ‘Oor Wullie’ and ‘The Broons’ annuals, original Ladybird books from the 1970’s, family photos from the last seventy years and a commemorative plate from the […]

Empty Chair at Empty Table

Wednesday 11th April (Part 2) – I’m currently sitting in my mum’s dining room as I commence penning this my second offering of the day. In the living room mater receives […]

“Wood Pigeon For Table 2!”

Today, the 4th February is World Cancer Day. Around the globe events are taking place to increase awareness, educate and raise funds for a multitude of the research and support […]

You Have Mail

Today marks the first anniversary of the death of the Ray Tomlinson, the man credited with inventing email, at the age of 74. It’s unknown if the New York engineer […]
You Have Mail

Blue Sky Thinking

There is a particularly striking blueness to the sky this morning. Accompanied by sporadic clumps of chaste white clouds, along with the absence of any breeze, it feels meteorologically as though […]