January Blogs – 2020

My 2020 Vision

Respecting A Club Icon

Resolution Procrastination

The Well-Meaning Offspring

The Wheels Are Rolling

Treadmill Vogue

A Change of Plans

Gray Day

Catalyst To Living Life

Through the Needles Eye

Green Shoots

Valuable Lesson Learned

A Matter of Trust

On The Road To My Horizon

Cokes – She’s The Real Thing

At The Peloton’s Rear

Gore Blimey, Mate!

Parody Book Autobiographies

The Best Policy?

Filling Good

Getting My Goat

Well-Meaning But Flawed

Two Tribes

An Exact Science

He’s Ceased To Be

Peaky Blinders

Toasting The Bard of Argyll

Russell’s Reflections

Should’ve Gone To Specsavers