Green Army

This afternoon I plan my first barbeque of the year. Nothing flash, just a piece of marinated chicken each accompanied by salad, potatoes and sides. I can list the sides as well, but I suspect you’re as disinterested in knowing those accoutrements as finding out I’m planning a barbeque.

Yesterday, I undertook some voluntary work collecting with a MacMillan Cancer Support team. This group of volunteers, big of heart and green of t-shirt, selflessly gave up part of their Saturday, in addition to enduring my barbeque anecdotes, for a very worthy cause.

Tales of my marinade techniques, charcoal heat maximisation and firelighters of choice seemed to be really well received by this affable bunch……. Well until the team all appeared to experience temporary deafness while I was explaining how spare ribs got their name.

With my collection slot being 12pm -2pm, the store in Leeds city centre where we collectors were hoping to amass donations, was suitably busy. Throughout this time, a steady number of customers bolstered the (as yet unknown) total of money, which will go to finance cancer support for victims and their families.

Despite requests to the contrary, the none of the donations will go towards the production of MacMillan volunteer t-shirts proclaiming to benefactors ‘Please don’t ask Gary anything about BBQ Recipes’.

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As I’ve written after collecting in the past, the generosity of the British public never ceases to amaze me. Perhaps a verity born from the fact this rancid disease touches, or has touched, many peoples lives for the worse.

Six and a half years since Karen’s diagnosis of incurable metastatic breast cancer, I almost can’t remember what life was like without this unwelcome imposter in our life.

During this time, the charity I collected for yesterday has proved a godsend for my family. Their advice about management of this immoveable unwanted intruder, who unashamedly goads us from his chair in the corner, has been invaluable.

Through MacMillan’s support, we’ve received advice on pain relief, coping mentally, treatments and financial pointers, on this enduring rollercoaster ride. That is only a tip of the iceberg of what the charity provides ……… The only support they’ve been unable to help me with is to make my barbeque anecdotes anymore interesting.

On a day when all attention falls on who’s going to win the green jacket in the US Master golf tournament, remember the MacMillan army in green t-shirts.

A selfless legion who make themselves available in all elements, enduring my inane tales and seek no recompense….. Apart from the promise they are not subjected to collecting with me in the future.

Right, I best get off and check I’ve got charcoal and firelighters……… If anyone wants to know how spare ribs got their name feel free to give me a shout.

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