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He’s The Double Of His Dad!

Yesterday, during a conversation about facial resemblances of fathers and sons, an acquaintance commented that among the offspring apples that haven’t rolled far from the paternal tree was Charlie Caroili Jr. The entertainer who followed pater Charlie Caroili senior into business as a circus clown. I didn’t ask, but I’m assuming this friend was alluding to facial parallels between the dad and lad prior to application of makeup worn plying […]

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Pigeon Full English

During today’s breakfast, I was greeted with views of five wood pigeons feasting on the berry strewn pyracantha situated at the starboard side of my garden. As these birds and I dined, me on baked bean covered crumpets and the avians on the evergreen shrub’s orange fruit, it struck me what miserable birds pigeons are. A conclusion I was drawn to by, despite them partaking of a free feed, they […]

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Hope Springs Eternal

I’ve just returned from my inaugural visit to The Springs Retail/Entertainment Park at Thorpe Park, Leeds. A wondrous emporium of clothing, food and coffee provision, bequeathed to this fair metropolis by our corporate masters, innovative architects and a cosmopolitan cast of craftsman. Men who’ve worked around the clock, missing numerous Leeds United games on TV and the ending of drama The Bodyguard, allowing us access to goods our forefathers could […]

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Starting The Day The Old School Way

My breakfast of sausages are slowly baking in the oven as I commence this offering. Their destination, prior to entering my mush, two slices of brown bread sitting on a plate kitchen in situ. Ordinarily, I’d employ a swifter method of shallow frying during the food preparation process. A method that provides the added benefit of producing a cooking aroma almost as inviting as the brekkie itself. However, as I’m […]

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Flames Without A Phoenix

I impulse bought a new electric fire this afternoon. A free-standing Optiflame appliance, it provides up to 2 kW’s of warmth, along with a fake flame effect that functions with or without heat being output….. Or so I was assured by the salesman, who then proceeded to brag of his ability to sell sand to the Arabs. This vanity nearly resulted in me backing out of the purchase. However, after […]

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Wand’rin’ Star

Summer 1976 – Recollected by many for wall to wall sunshine in the UK, the Montreal Olympic Games, Jimmy Carter/Gerald Ford’s nominations in the US presidential election and the end of the Cod War between the UK and Iceland. For me, though, I recall it as an era my existence took an unwelcome path for which I was woefully under prepared. Suddenly I’d been robbed of the angst-free days of […]

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A Nice To Know

This afternoon I ventured west to Morley, the market town on the south west periphery of Leeds, West Yorkshire. It’s town hall, a grade 1 listed building constructed in 1885, apparently bears a strong resemblance to Bolton Town Hall. Knowledge I’ve recently acquired thanks to a rather random Wikipedia snippet I read a few minutes ago. I’m unsure why the author of Morley Town Hall’s Wiki page felt the need […]

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