A Life in Caricature

A life in caricature; yeti’s shield

Court jester his sabre; difference he abhorred

Two score summers and ten, seeking tribe

Foolishly acquiescing, belonging incumbent.


Caricature now reconciled at possessing mind random

Vive la difference, mantra of his redemption

Worries not now of prejudiced fellows

Spiteful connivers; thimblerigging to deceive.


Incongruity acceptance is caricature’s saviour

Offending by discordance no longer a concern

Ne’er agin approval sought from peers unworthy

Thoughts of the vindictive, cogitated not.


Where do you progress hence, caricature?

Worthy of more than existential past

What seeks thee for future fulfilment?

When clouds depart, whisper thy plan.

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