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Kris’ Selfless Legacy

Ordinarily, I don’t watch breakfast TV magazine shows. Indifference to celebrity gossip, unashamed self publicity of guest’s new books and show biz ‘idols’ showing similar indifference in reporter Dan Wootton’s selfies, negating my desire to pay it much mind. This morning, though, I was glued to a segment of ITV’s Lorraine show, featuring a remarkably spirited and inspirational lady named Kris Hallenga. A girl who, following her diagnosed of secondary […]

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Meet Me In Montana

My daughter Rachel, who’s been working in Canada for the last sixteen months, twelve days, 22 hours and thirty two minutes, is currently on vacation in the USA with her boyfriend. A lass who always tries to integrate with her hosts, Rach will spend her time in the States striving to fit in with the locals by doing American type things. As I write, she’s probably sitting in a diner […]

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Magnanimity at Marksy’s

Yesterday lunchtime I undertook three hours collecting for MacMillan Cancer Support, at the Marks & Spencer (M&S) store in Briggate, Leeds. Although, I’d done numerous bits of voluntary work for various cancer charities over the past few years, it’s the first time recently I’ve ventured down this philanthropic route. My absence from this undertaking the result of feeling a need to reduce the cancer related activities I was involved in. […]

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Goldfish Resurrection

After a pleasant restaurant lunch to celebrate Mrs Strachan senior’s birthday, late afternoon saw Mrs S junior (Karen) and me pay a visit to St James’ Hospital for my spouses scheduled consultation with an oncologist. We talked Mrs Strachan senior (Maggie) out of joining us, the spouse and yours truly deeming an oncology unit waiting room was no place to spend any part of your birthday. Ordinarily, I’m fairly pragmatic […]

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The Lady Is A Champ

The first birthday without her beloved husband. Yet another milestone to endure; one more hurdle to be leapt as part of the lady’s grieving process. After 57 years marriage, prior to being widowed in October 2017, my mother’s anniversary of birth today will no doubt present her with a very different experience than normal. For the first time in six decades there’ll be no card from the hubby – A […]

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What’s The Time, Mrs Wolf?

If only I were a rich man! – A sentiment subscribed to by those who feel there’s happy every afters in that there pretty green. A misguided idea believing being well off is the route to a trouble-free existence; a catalyst to a utopian place where misery and anxiety dare not darken it’s door. There is a saying that “I’d rather be poor in a mansion, than skint in a […]

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No Place Like It

Twenty two years ago today I moved into my current home in east Leeds, my relocation back to the north of England after nine years working in London. As I recall, a long hot day during which my young family experienced a multitude of emotions. In an unintended homage to Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, my six year old son Jonny was happy, our toddler Rachel was sleepy […]

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