Service Levels Over Spirit Levels

Collateral damage, or casualty plot clandestine?

Plot to cull with plot to kill?

Austerity frontage; cleansing of unwashed behind shield?

Poet of no political leaning, unsure of ruling class motives

Will they ever tire of gorging on Wonka’s lifetime supply of goodies?


Mr and Mrs Lateral-Damages son Colin unfortunate consequence

His profile high, subsequently results in proletariat demeanour low

Mrs Call’s son Fu, procrastinates; spirit broken in box ticking role

Only comfort his post work pint; buy one hangover get another free

Mr Soul’s son Caring, thought less of than odious brother Richard.


Scaremongering merges with spite; this sun needs no factor 30

PC political correctness misguidedly given precedence over PC police constable

Administrator’s service levels diminish medics spirit levels

Those levels have no chance of balance; not when there’s a box to tick

Only parity the ineptness of dwellers on whole of political spectrum.

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