Domain Dismal


Only skin deep thy enchantment

Vitriolic blight on caricature’s existence

Masking habitual demeanour from dupable peers

Gullible folks deceived of thy deportment ornery.


Loyalty blind amongst gang quartet

Negativity prevails; irrational belief of mistreatment

Harridan mater role model rancid

Strangely proud of doll’s ne’er venturing from comfort zone


Meal tickets vilified, joy withheld at termagant’s indoctrination

Vindictive; neurological wherewithal barren as joy they bestow

Spiteful; schadenfreude quartet’s existential ideology

Lack of achievement not negating there job judgemental.


Caricature despairs at gang of four’s toxicity

Desperately yearns escape from domain dismal

Empty conversations; meaningless small talk it’s dialect

Lugubriousness it’s legacy.

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