Conversations Around The Coven

Conversations around the coven

Non-existent words, non-existent humanity

Locutions from locations without erudition

You can fool some of the people all of the time

Like hound dog mistreated, yeti will have his day.


Uh-hu, mmmh, ah-ha, parrot replication thy sole chatter

Does Polly want a cracker, thesaurus or dictionary

Offerings worthless, icy actions your maxim

Dual stirring of coven pot and excrement legacy to thine dolls

Positivity, warmth ne’er guests at thy rimy door.


Railway town termagant, was it all worth it?

Tainting other’s lives, revenging misdemeanours of others

Misguided beliefs, spewed by you unsympathetic harridan

Compassion shrouded, even for stricken doll

Blessedly, progenies of yeti obviated thy vitriolic indoctrination.

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