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Vale of Tears

I’ve just returned from an essentials shop at the local convenience store. With it’s checkouts fitted out with clear plastic tarpaulin, aimed at providing employees a degree of protection from the COVID-19 virus, it manifested notions within me I’d inadvertently wandered onto the kill set in an episode TV drama Dexter. On reaching the till, the woman serving me asked me to join her in wearing a mask. When I […]

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As alluded to in yesterday’s journal Hide & Seek With The Pathogen, I’ve aspirations of a Pepysesque chronicling this era at the mercy of COVID-19’s conniption. Consequently, for the duration of the viruses brutal grip, I’m treating these daily journals as diary entries of how Gj Strachan’s emotions fluctuate during these unprecedented times. Links to these observations collated on my website on the page The Corona Essays. I find penning […]

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Taking A Leaf Out

Today, I woke to witness a strange phenomenon not experienced within the half century my navigating of this mercurial voyage with appellation ‘ageing process’. Undoubtably an unremarkable sight; nevertheless, what I witnessed upon reveille fascinated me for at least ……oooooh…. three minutes and thirty two seconds. This waking captivation borne from spotting, amongst the Tracey Eminesque bedroom floor detritus which ordinarily greets a prising of my eyelids, the flattened organ of […]

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Born Under A Piscean Star

Scene – March 1993 – The clear spring sky grants unhindered visual access to the Piscean constellation lording it above a Bedfordshire hospital. This majestic celestial display overhead, with the new day only minutes old, witnessing a girl child’s arrival. The babe’s advent seven days previous to the anticipated birth date; an event catching her twenty-something parents on the hop. The root cause of the babe’s early arrival will remain […]

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Held A Costa

It’s Saturday morning and yours truly is seated within the open plan balcony coffee house in the White Rose Shopping Centre (WRSC), which’s become a habitual locale for these daily chronicles. Through the glass barrier, which protects cafe patrons and me from plummeting 20 foot onto unsuspecting shoppers below, I witness a group of soldiers raising financial support for former soldiers and their families. Peddling furiously on two exercise bikes, […]

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Revisiting Tales Of Eric

I commence this narrative, my second of a thus far fairly uneventful Friday, having just returned to chez Strachan from a south Leeds shopping outlet. Choosing to sit on a comfier chair than those surrounding the dining table, I’m balancing my laptop upon the wing of an armchair in the my East Ardsley abode. With only the pressure of my left wrist preventing the device crashing to the carpeted floor […]

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Maternal Laxity

Cafe in situ, after a few days penning in a Haworth cottage, the muffled background noises of south Leeds shoppers once again provide the aural escort to my habitual musings. A phalanx of consumers mumbling as they go in search of retail bounty. This low volume chuntering a surprisingly comforting soundtrack to my metaphorical application of quill ink on parchment. I’m unsure why as I’m a fellow ordinarily easy to […]

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