O’ Christmas Tree

Chez Strachan's Christmas tree was lovingly erected and decorated this morning. A real evergreen plant, it's transformed our front room into a fir scented scene of festive warmth. Imparting a smidgeon of yuletide cheer so desperately needed after a challenging few weeks for the clan, following the passing of my wife's mum a fortnight ago. … Continue reading O’ Christmas Tree

The Things They Say

"Welcome to the 21st century!" - A tongue-in-cheek text message received this morning from my twentysomething son Jonny. My offspring moved to send the quip on hearing I'd recently set myself up a WhatsApp account. Deeming myself as 'down with the kids', I pointed out to my boy his whimsical criticism was unjust. After all, … Continue reading The Things They Say

4G, or not 4G

'4G, or not 4G, that is the question:Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to sufferThe slings and arrows of outrageous data coverage,Or to take arms against a lack of FacebookAnd by losing end my contract. To move — to join EE....' Transcript Shakespeare may've utilised to commence a Hamlet soliloquy had the Prince of Denmark … Continue reading 4G, or not 4G

Careful What You Wish For!

In the last couple of decades there's been a growth in the number of double barrelled names in the UK. One of the reasons behind this change being a greater desire for newly weds to merge their surnames. An example of this being when Jemma Shoe married Arnie Box in Lytham registry office in 2011 … Continue reading Careful What You Wish For!

Moon River

I'm starting this second blog of the day while sitting in the Nuclear Medicine/PET CT waiting room of a Leeds Hospital. Awaiting the missus' return from a bone scan, my eyes are constantly drawn to an ornament of two pottery ducks who're co-joined at the beaks, which reside on a nearby table. I assume the … Continue reading Moon River

Wrath of the Andromites

Behind today's door number two on the Strachan advent calendar I was greeted by the souls of the oppressed. Although affable enough considering the terrible suffering they've endured, I'm starting to have misgivings about buying Torture magazine's*** festive calendar. Yesterday's bestowals behind door number one were the Fingernails of No Return; which is a shame … Continue reading Wrath of the Andromites

Marie Curious?

Thursday morning witnessed an early start for yours truly - Commencing when my phone alarm proffered a dream shattering cacophony, causing me to franctically search for the device's snooze button. Initially, with hand flaling floorward, it was actually my jeans I pressed in my disorientated state of reveille. Unsurprisingly, that didn't negate the alarm's din … Continue reading Marie Curious?