MacMillan Monologues


In The Pink

Cancer Candour

“Green Army!… Green Army!”

I’ll ‘Ave ‘Alf

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Fifteen Minutes?…. I Only Got Two, Warhol!

Coffee Morning Munificence

You Won’t See Nothing Like The Mannequin

Karma’s Perversity

Now That’s Magic!

Open Your Eyes, Look Up To The Skies…

Paying Off The Builders

Blog 800 – Collective Thoughts

Green Army

A Case Of Mistaken Identity

MacMillan’s Magnanimity

Of Your Own Volition

The Clanger Serenade

Monday’s Chore

Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah

Eddie Waring’s Victoria Sponge Recipe

Collected Thoughts & Donations From the Aisles

She Made It Through The Rain

Never Back A Gift Horse In the 2.40

Mrs Strachan’s Red Letter Day


Where There’s Hope

Always & Forever

Choosing The Right Path!

He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone!

Where The Rainbow Ends – “I Regret To Tell You…”