French Fleece Philosophy

Respected French philosopher Aidan Le Torche said of the weather “If it’s cold wear a coat. If it’s warm don’t wear a coat. If it’s mild wear a fleece, but not the grey one as it needs a wash.”

It wasn’t the most thought provoking or inspiring piece of philosophy ever written. However, if employed in other aspects of life perhaps its importance takes on further relevance.

By that, I’m alluding to Le Torche’s words of wisdom transcending from how to respond to inclement meteorological conditions, to how we deal with the other existential challenges thrust upon us.

On life’s rollercoaster journey there is no Sat Nav (GPS) to chirpily point us in the right direction, so on occasion we require the guidance of erudite pieces of wisdom. Intellectual words channelling us on this unknown path of fortune, truth and finding a cable channel with something decent to watch.

If I took Le Torche’s musing from a meteorology angle, I’d definitely need my coat on today as its flipping freezing outside! Overnight we’ve had our first snow flurry of the year in East Leeds….. Either that, or Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher has had an (alleged) sneezing fit in my back garden!

It’s a good job the weather isn’t mild as in addition to my grey fleece being in the wash, my blue and burgundy ones also currently reside in the linen basket. This leaves me fleeceless for the day; a state thrust upon me by poor organisation by yours truly.

That brings me to another of Le Torche’s pearls of wisdom, which was “A man who is fleeceless is f***ed in mild weather!” By that, I like to think he means it is always prudent to prepare for all eventualities in life. However, I’m only assuming that and he may mean it literally.

My grey fleece in cleaner days

Philosophy is a strange thing to come to terms with at times. I mean from all of the individuals who impart their advice, whose words of wisdom do you trust?

As with non-philosophical observations, they can’t all be right. Some people’s opinions are far wiser and bear more validity than other individuals. For instance those who attempt to shape your existence for the worse with their spiteful agendas and negativity.

I made up French philosopher Aidan Le Torche, along with his purported words of wisdom for the purpose of highlighting it’s not that difficult to pen a philosophical musing. Admittedly, whether it’s any good or not is another thing. I suppose the manner in which it is sold will ultimately decide how it is received by its audience.

For example, if my sentence in the first paragraph of this tome had been “I (Gary Strachan) have always said of the weather ‘If it’s cold wear a coat. If it’s warm don’t wear a coat. If it’s mild wear a fleece, but not the grey one as it needs a wash.” no one would pay attention to it.

That is simply because I was selling it as my philosophy and people know I’m not a philosopher…… Although, I do know quite a bit about fleeces.

However, if I convey those sentences as the mutterings of an emanate French philosopher, the same ideology takes on a whole new life as possibly genuine …… Although, the bit about the grey fleece needing a wash would have probably given the game away on this occasion!

I don’t advocate taking my advice on matters philosophical. However, if my fictional statement of “If it’s cold wear a coat. If it’s warm don’t wear a coat. If its mild wear a fleece, but not the grey one as it needs a wash.” makes people evaluate and adjust their behaviour for their benefit, then surely it’s been worthy advice ….. Hasn’t it?

To me that’s common sense, but I’m just a simple bloke from the north of England, not a well educated philosopher from Lille in France like La Torche……. Actually, coming to think of it he wasn’t either; I made him up remember.

One of the hardest things about making up fictional names is recalling them 500 words later in the monologue. In the paragraph above I incorrectly wrote the French philosophers name as Aidan Le Front. Thankfully, I scrolled back to check and corrected accordingly.

Like most of my blogs, this take on philosophy has been written very much with tongue in cheek. Although based on my opinions, they have been given a mischievous slant to try add a lighthearted spin on proceedings.

Right, I need to go and wash my fleeces. I need to be prepared in the event the weather takes a turn for the milder.

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