It’s Better Than Digging A Ditch

I vacuumed my car interior this afternoon. With the vehicle's dark grey upholstery and vacuum cleaner nozzle ordinarily like ships that pass in the night, I'm unsure whether it was me or my trusty old Vauxhall Astra most surprised by this spontaneous act. "What's the big deal, Strachan?!..... Removing dust and litter from the seats … Continue reading It’s Better Than Digging A Ditch

Tell It To The Birds

Thursday 24th May - Nesting within the ivy, Russian vine and clematis climbing my back garden fence are a family of blackbirds. As I've not seen a penny in rent for their residence on my land, I'm assuming my avian tenants have claimed squatters rights....... The cheeky gets! I'm assured by my wife Karen that … Continue reading Tell It To The Birds

Friday 13th – Part Two

Friday 13th April (Part 2) - To be clear, the title of this prose reflects the narrative is my second literary offering of the day. It isn't to whet the appetite for an upcoming 'late to the party' review of the 1981 movie sequel portraying the deranged antics of Jason Voorhees. Voorhees, the man who … Continue reading Friday 13th – Part Two

Rackety Woodpecker

Friday 13th April - The thud of a carpet fitter undertaking his trade currently resonates around casa Strachan. Fingers crossed the fact his work is being carried out on Friday 13th won't lead to bad fortune, such as him inadvertently fitting the underlay on top of the carpet, as opposed to vice versa I contemplated … Continue reading Rackety Woodpecker

Until Next Year

Wednesday 11th April - This year's scheduled plan for domestic decoration thankfully concluded yesterday evening. Following a two day makeover which included rendering the walls with Dulux Natural Carico emulsion, in addition to glossing the woodwork, the master bedroom stands rejuvenated. It's tired paintwork re-invigorated by two matt coatings and the application of chaste white … Continue reading Until Next Year

Devil in Carnation

Tuesday 10th April - Today's 'to do' list includes applying another coat of emulsion, along with the woodwork glossing in the master bedroom. Yesterday, I put the inaugural coat of Dulux's Natural Calico onto the chambre walls. A neutral dark cream colour with its roots in magnolia shadings, it's a step up elegance wise from … Continue reading Devil in Carnation

Stealth & Commonwealth

Wednesday 4th April - Today, as I put pen to paper the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony from the Gold Coast, Australia, is playing out on the TV. As I start this paragraph six people (three men and three women) dressed in all white suits, not dissimilar in look to Hopkin in the 1970's TV series … Continue reading Stealth & Commonwealth