Salle Des Declencheurs

Comfort zone, erstwhile sanctuary of clan chief

Former chamber of serenity, grape and musical refrain

Empty leather seat beckons product of god’s own county to no avail

Empty brood hearts beckon man of god’s own county to no avail

Sinatra in solitude, Darrin in desolation his clans hereafter.


Yorkshireman’s invite to his sanctuary has no RSVP

Though ignorance on his part not culprit of hush

Akin to chief, eclectic albums cloaked in casket lumber

Though their disturbance from black hatted men not imminent

Egg-timer sands countdown; Loiner’s existential celebration close.


Chambre a Strachan accueil

Wondrous liaison with stricken leader’s clan fragmented in passing

Though blameless, renewal of fellowship brood’s trigger for sorrow

Former portal of serenity nostalgic; now pater bereft

Though treasure trove evocations ensure rift with grieving transitory.



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