Barbershop Strop

These days having a hair cut is a fairly straight forward experience. On arrival, I'll sit in the barbershop waiting area until it's my turn to don a gown to protect against discarded hair. Once in the chair I'll relay the style of cut I desire, receive the aforementioned cut, pay and leave the premises. … Continue reading Barbershop Strop

A Small Setback

Just over three weeks into my post-cardiac arrest recuperation, today's seen the first day I've experienced a setback. This complication a short term chest discomfort following a brisk twenty minute walk I took to the local Sainsburys store, where I'd arranged to meet up with my wife for coffee. This incident was fairly fleeting, however … Continue reading A Small Setback

Alice & The Cheshire Cat

Today's blog is my first after completing a couple of days hiatus from creating content for website . A much needed Christmas break after an emotionally challenging month after the recent passing of her mother. While my spouse spent her yuletide with her newly widowed father in County Durham, I ventured westward to Cheshire … Continue reading Alice & The Cheshire Cat

Fire Up The DeLorean, Marty!

For the first time since childhood, this morning I'd cause to utilise Germolene antiseptic cream. I'll openly admit it not the most interesting minutiae you'll hear today. However, I felt moved to mention undertaking the act as, with it's distinctive aroma, exposure to this germ battling lotion evoked memories of my fledgling years. On suffering … Continue reading Fire Up The DeLorean, Marty!

Creatures of Habit

A trip to the White Rose Shopping Centre in Leeds lays behind door number 18 of the Strachan advent calendar. A sojourn I'll be embarking on with my trusty wingman Mrs Margaret (Maggie) Strachan of East Ardsley parish. She of the good heart, quick wit and penchant for asking me the same chuffing questions every … Continue reading Creatures of Habit

Maggie’s Tree

Following yesterday's efforts by her attention-seeking elder son, Mrs Strachan senior's Christmas tree now stands imposingly in the front room bay window of her West Yorkshire abode. The artificial evergreen bringing a much needed hint of festive cheer and chromatic hue to the septuagenarian's lounge. Some may read my previous sentence, commenting after I wrote  … Continue reading Maggie’s Tree

Christmas Day With Uncle Roger

Sadly, the inspiration I sought for today's narrative topic wasn't behind door number 14 on the advent calendar. That's unless I decide to muster a yarn about a red-nosed reindeer indulging in a game of table tennis - A subject path that for many reasons I've quite frankly no inclination of embarking on.  Consequently, I'm … Continue reading Christmas Day With Uncle Roger