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“He Seems A Lovely Lad!”

As I put pen to paper, there’s a royal wedding playing out on the goggle box in the far corner of casa Strachan’s modest living room. The Duke of York’s youngest daughter Princess Eugenie and a chap called Jack, who both Mrs Strachan’s senior and junior opined “Seems a lovely lad!”, the soon to be betrothed couple. I’ve never met, or am likely to meet, the groom to enforce the […]

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One Year

One year then, dad!…… One year since we lost you……. One year since we last witnessed that warm smile…… One year without your words of wisdom……. One year robbed of that calming persona that underpinned the family dynamic. One year which has no doubt seen profits at the Connie Club and the bookie’s on Bradford Road’s plunge……. One year since I last heard the habitual query “Have you still got […]

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The King & I

Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of my dad’s passing. Twelve months during which I learned for the first time in my half century on this screwed up planet what loss truly meant. A valuable lesson formed from emotions resultant at never again being able to share the company of a dearly loved family member. This last year has taught me deprivation of anything other than a cherished individual’s existence isn’t […]

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Do You Like Hospital Food?!

The four-weekly visit for her oncology treatment is once again upon my wee missus. A scheduled sojourn that appears to come around faster ever month. Incidentally, that isn’t a complaint. The diminutive County Durham lass and her clan are grateful for every goddamn second at these visits, as it means her tenacious fight continues. The battle not yet lost to the faceless nemesis who’s blighted her existence for almost eight […]

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Pear Tree Without A Partridge

Today would’ve been my mum and dad’s 58th wedding anniversary; the first since he passed ten days after last year’s commemoration of the same event. It was a time he was so poorly the old man was unable to write his message of endearment in my mother’s card. Necessitated me penning the words of affection, which he relayed to me in his failing Yorkshire tones. My writing isn’t as neat […]

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Tower Town Tale

I had a drive over to Blackpool yesterday, dropping mater off at the home of long-standing close family friends – A clan who’ve been thick as thieves with my brood since meeting in their native Leeds in early 1960’s. Although the tower town is a place I’ve not visited much in adulthood, it’s a domain that rekindles numerous fond memories from childhood. Times of sun, sand and sh***ing myself aboard […]

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It Was An Accident!

Sunday morning started off badly when, much to my chagrin, a visit to the pantry highlighted that casa Strachan was bereft of Marmite supplies. Tardiness and lethargy, which yesterday ran through my every vein, resulting in me forgetting on Saturday morning I’d used the last of of my usual toast accompaniment. Consequently, instead of my preferred choice of savoury Vegemite spread, today’s grilled bread’s suitor was an overly sweet tasting […]

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