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What’s The Story?

Yesterday afternoon, as my wife and me slowly ambled up Calverley Street towards our destination of Leeds Museum, she pointed out this was her inaugural tour of the building housing our city’s historical artefacts. “It’s not mine. I’ve never been before!” I joked weakly. She smiled disingenuously, called me an idiot for what definitely wasn’t the inaugural time, meanwhile continuing uphill towards the former Mechanical Institute building. A few years back […]

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They’re Not Always Free!

Summer evenings don’t get much better than a tea of fish and chips from St Michael’s Fisheries, then a short meander down the road to the Emerald Headingley Stadium to witness a t20 Blast cricket match. A scene that, in the company of my son Jonny, came to pass yesterday afternoon. In my book, a belly full of fish and nerks (as my dad had a tendency to call them), […]

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Yesterday, I became embroiled in a discussion with my wife Karen and her sister Sue about nicknames. During this cordial conversation, the origins of my brother Ian’s nom d’plume of Cheese was raised by my spouse. My spouse referring to a moniker I coined for our kid in the mid 1970’s, after concluding his early nickname of ‘E’ (short for his name, pronounced E-an) was a woeful nickname creativity wise. […]

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Seeking A Solution

Old wives tales – Unscientific advocacies of folklore, passed through clans courtesy of misguided indoctrination by elders and ‘betters’? Or useful alternatives to conventional solutions?  A topic I raise following earlier overhearing a friend bequeath one of these tales to an indifferent audience. Bestowed during a discussion on horticulture, they ‘thrilled’ congregated friends with advice of “The only really effective way to protect your flora and fauna from slugs and […]

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The Grass Is Greener

I’ve been gardening at the old lady’s house this morning. As she viewed a broadcast of ‘Homes Under The Hammer’ indoors, I proceeded cutting back the overgrown flora and fauna outdoors. My audio accompaniment a distant, but audible chatter of a couple of workers on a nearby building site. The workmen’s colourful banter occasionally interspersed with my mum’s voice exclaiming through an open window “Bloody hell, I’d never pay that […]

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No Going Back

The aging process – Bosom buddy of cosmetic surgeons, bezzie mate with manufacturers of anti-aging products and inseparable amigo of the pharmaceutical industry. A nemesis, though, capable of imparting wisdom and highlighting coping mechanisms to improve the lot of the rudderless and disenfranchised. Unless you’re Benjamin Button, the process is an unavoidable existential companion to whom we are all shackled. Even though I’d like to think I ordinarily exhibit non […]

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My sleep pattern is all over the place at the moment. In two of the last three nights I’ve been dipping in and out of sleep numerous times through a twelve hour period (10pm – 10am). Inexplicably, despite this lengthy slumber I still woke up sleepy. He wasn’t overly chuffed with my part in his reveille, but at least Bashful, Happy, Grumpy, Doc, Dopey and Sneezy found it humorous…….. Well, […]

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