New Dawn at LS11?

In cantilever stand, perches boy; heir apparent

Adjacent perches hirsute father; hair apparent

Mild April eve in LS11, fledgling noughties

White hat’s with white plumage seek further tarry

One of quart legions left standing, now seeking scalp Valencian

Foe’s both achromatic of uniform; visitors acquiesce, clashing colour forbidden

Beyond expectation performance bring charges of Emerald Isle leader to final verge

Catalan, Spanish, Belgian, Italian, German colossuses already put to the sword

Battles prevailed by youthful conscripts in legion’s conquest European.


“We wore wordy winners!” ancestor of Leary opines every post battle

Top man with silver hair basks in reflective glory of initial success,

Flip side implosion not of his doing. Guilt laid at door of legion’s legions.

Thirst for overly hasty march on together a driver for board’s irresponsible acquisitions?

Whatever; was catalyst to diminishing of seeing win; more downs than ups

Forwards times seven excessive, solitary chle ar ais misguided

Irish lottery, jackpot squandered; legion’s legions decry acts ever fowler

Divisive guilt game spanning o’er decade, no benefactors apparent

Solitary perennial victims zealots amour unconditional.




April night, pre-Valencian spat, the future appeared achromatic

Heir apparent and hair apparent oft mull over this time of mortgaged plenty

Though witnessing Madrid in LS11 was real; along with dispatching Barcelona

Fifteen months on, Emerald Isle gaffer deposed; legion unable to secure bank loana

Not long into noughties, inevitable acrimonious divorce from elite division

LS11 legion keep the cd’s and goldfish, but controversially lose the kids

Disingenuous dawns aplenty, ignominy of third tier stint divorce’s legacy

Is Latin lothario new suitor to rekindle elite division affair?

Puoi scommetterci il culo che lui è!

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