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Cherry On The Top

Only a week after the Leeds United family were robbed of legendary centre-back Norman Hunter by COVID-19, his Don Revie era team mate Trevor Cherry, or Churry as my dad’s West Yorkshire dialect would sell you, has also passed, at the age of 72. As I write, I’ve absolutely no […]

Bite It’s Legs, Norman!

Easter Saturday has bequeathed West Yorkshire’s predominantly incarcerated populace warm temperatures. It feels almost that these conditions have been delivered in mischief to test the resolve of the covidiots. The small proportion of citizens who’ve been subject to UK governmental requests not to venture out to minimise risk of spreading […]

Pen Pushers Prevail….. Probably!

Yesterday, I was unsurprised to learn the historically uneasy alliance between Leeds United Football Club (LUFC) and game administrators had taken another dip. Events which led to Friday’s following statement on the club’s official website:- “Leeds United acknowledges that Kiko Casilla has been found guilty of breaching FA Rule E3 […]


In about two hours I’ll be partaking in only my second ever Pilates class. This re-entering into the contrology studio resultant of, bar finding balancing on one leg without falling over a challenge, thoroughly enjoying my recent inaugural session of the core enhancing exercise. This lack of stability while attempting […]

On The Road To My Horizon

Later this morning I’m scheduled to participate in a Pilates class; this event yours truly’s inaugural undertaking of this increasingly popular physical fitness system. I’ve played Pontius Pilate in a school play, but I don’t believe the exercise session I’ll shortly embark on is linked in any way to the […]

Valuable Lesson Learned

Despite being the most distressing life event I’ve thus far experienced, I never wept when my father died in the October of 2017. I similarly remained tear free during his funeral, even while delivering a twenty minute eulogy I’d written as a tribute to a man I adored. A beautiful […]

Green Shoots

It’s been a productive week for yours truly. Seven days where I’ve indulged in a far physically and mentally healthier lifestyle, including three gym visits, a cathartic choir rehearsal and a much needed period of sobriety. A lifestyle adjustment meaning, if I could desist from unhealthily munching so many bags […]

Gray Day

Almost exactly a week after attending the funeral of a Gateshead Fell cricket club (GFCC) legend***, a club I represented for a decade between 1977-1987, this morning I was further saddened to hear of a former junior & senior team colleague Brian Gray’s passing. *** – Last week’s melancholic events […]

A Change of Plans

I’d proposed not penning a blog today. Intending instead to commence a significant rewrite of a tome written in 2010, which I’d remissly disregarded, leaving unloved and gathering dust for a decade. However, after a troublesome time attempting to gain White Rose Shopping Centre’s (WRSC) wifi access, circumstances conspired against […]