You Probably Think This Blog Is About You……

Well, if nothing else, they can claim to have been winner of the 2017 Best Film Oscar for around three or four minutes. They the unwitting victims of a headline grabbing faux pas at the climax of yesterday’s Academy Award ceremony. I refer, of course, to the cast,crew and production team of movie La La Land. 

Despite their disappointment at not actually reigning victorious, I suppose they can console themselves that the attention given to the error is commensurate to that of actually triumphing in the category….. It can only help put more bums on seats, guys!

The controversy happened during the presentation of the prestigious award by Hollywood ‘A’ listers Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty. I’m not in full possession of the facts to how this occurred, but rest assured I’ll get to the bottom of it and when I do heads will roll…….. Chuffing amateurs!

Beatty, whose legendary womanising once led to movie maker Woody Allen musing he wanted to be reincarnated as his index finger, allegedly claimed to have been provided with the incorrect result envelope.

As a result when Faye Dunaway read out the victorious movie to be La La Land, the cast and crew of the movie Moonlight were left to deal with a few minutes of despondency, until the embarrassed organisers righted the wrong…….. Done wrong by Dunaway?……. Beaten by Beatty?……. It’ll all come out in the wash, as they say.

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For Moonlight’s orchestrator it was a historic event, after he became the first person named Barry Jenkins to direct an Oscar winning movie. This came as a disappointment to Swansea plumber Barry Jenkins, whose blockbuster movie Flush (financed by the Llanelli Toilet Roll association) about a maverick toilet cleaner is due for release in the Fall of 2017.

Unfortunately for him, in one fell swoop yesterday evening, Jenkins the plumber had his dream of becoming the first Barry Jenkins to direct an Academy Award winner flushed down the pan. He was so irate about being usurped by the Moonlight director, during his hissy fit he raised the price of ballcock replacement by 15%.

Swansea people aren’t overly put out by Jenkins the plumbers petulant move. After all, his rival Giedroyc the plumber gives far more reasonable quotes; along with a free Moonlight movie fridge magnet with every tap washer replacement.

In her 1970’s song You’re So Vain Carly Simon lambasts a former lover(s) for being self-absorbed and exhibiting vain glorious behaviour. Rumours are that one of the targets of her diatribe was the aforementioned Warren Beatty……. At one point in the lyric, she vents that ‘You probably think this song is about you…. Don’t you…… Don’t you?!’

I’ve no idea if Beatty is that self-obsessed. I will proffer, though, that yesterday after the presentation of the Academy Award for Best Film, was an occasion he (along with Faye Dunaway) didn’t want the limelight.

As I said above, I’ve not read yet who the scapegoat will be for leaving the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences red-faced.

If truth be known, I don’t care who the culprit of this non-story is. It was a mistake, so get over it tabloids and low end gossip magazines and lets get news of proper world issues back to the top of the bulletins.

I want to know stuff like where Richard & Judy are going on holiday, not irrelevant gossip concerning award ceremony misunderstandings.

And Warren, on the very very remote chance you ever read this, you probably think this narrative is about you….. But it isn’t!

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