Gary Strachan – "Write" Said Fred

Daily Journals From Deep Within A Capricious Mind

Sour Sonnet to Carcinoma

Indiscriminate cacodemon; lesions with evil agenda

Patron saint of spite; malodorous mutations

Seven years of your malevolence weighs heavy, though breaks me not

Despite thy blighting an eighth of mine two score and fourteen summers.


Odious demigod, taunting from behind barrier incurable

You may win the war, though not every battle initiated

Mine betrothed, lion-hearted in spirit, won’t acquiesce without fight

Resistance a solitary option against rancid foes of thy ilk.


With posterior parked on mine broods existential chaise longue

Courtesy of widespread skeletal infiltration, smugly gloats from position terminal

Though indestructible like the scarlet captain

Thine agenda of carnage polar opposite to agent red.


Mutant cells, devoid of redeeming features

Will thy ever tire of the misery you bestow?

What manifests such vindictiveness?

Alma mater bullying and role model rancid, I’d conject.


Spiteful canker, bereft of positive existential worth

Bar perhaps fellows in tall black hats and stockholder pharmaceutical

Your seven winter presence may be draining emotionally

Consequential brood resilience , though, has been nurtured from thy festering agenda.

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