Where Were You When?

It is said that individuals recollect certain historical events by recalling what they were undertaking on hearing of or witnessing that particular event. For instance, it is said that everyone can remember what they were doing when news was broadcast of US President John F Kennedy’s assassination in November 1963.

That isn’t strictly true as, despite being alive then, I have no memory of the incident. That’s hardly surprising, though, as I was  only seven months old when Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly shot the incumbent US President.

Despite my youth induced memory lapse, I’m told by my parents that I was pram bound in the living room of our Leeds home when the news came through of the Presidents passing.

Incidentally, my mum and dad are prepared to back up that alibi, so don’t try to implicate me as a suspect, you conspiracy theorists! …… Anyway, I digress.

I may not be able to remember where I was when JFK was shot, however, in the future I’ll be able to recall what I was doing when Donald J Trump became the US President.

During this major historical occasion, I was sitting in the living room of a different Leeds home……. Blimey, a lot of major events seem to have happened when I’m in the living room of my Leeds homes!

After the distasteful presidential campaign from both political parties, not to mention the inglorious sideshow of Trump’s President elect period, Americans and the wider world await to see what the new Commander in Chief has up his sleeve.

Will he, as opined by some political commentators, prove to be less confrontational, more contrite and desist from mentioning ladies front bottoms so much now he’s the Commander in Chief of his nation?

Or will it be the case, as others proffer, he will be highly divisive during his presidential term? A strategy that will result in further national and global de-stabilisation. The only certainty  being a seismic difference from the administration he replaces.

With tongue very firmly in cheek, I envisage a future where a social media savvy new President fires dissenters by a Facebook unfriend. Or even declaring his intention to enter a military conflict via a 140 character tweet…… #artisticlicence #hopefullyimwrong

Regardless of anyone’s opinion, Trump is now the leader of the free world and has in his possession the keys to the White House and the US’s nuclear codes.

I’m not sure of the legislative procedures for handing over the presidential residence. For instance, is Barack Obama allowed to barter a price with the new incumbents for the curtains and blinds he’s leaving behind?

What rights do the Trumps have if the Obamas remove the Oval Room’s light fittings prior to their departure?

When Donald J Trump notices that two large conifers have been removed from the White House gardens, has he any legal recourse to ensure their safe return from Barack’s post-presidential residence?

Image result for large conifers

Whatever happens, I hope the house move runs smoothly for both sides and their legal teams make the transition as pain free as possible.

After all, Donald’s day will be tough enough being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America without the added strain of house removal complications.

I certainly hope it goes smoother than my last house move in 1996. On that hot August day, we were let down by our removal firm at the last minute, meaning I had to speedily hire a 7.5 ton lorry to move ourselves.

The loading and unloading of a fridge, washer/dryer, freezer, beds, furniture and boxes of the other items such as cases of clothes was a tough job on that sweltering day in the summer of ’96.

I just hope the new US Commander in Chief doesn’t have to move house himself. It won’t do Melania’s recently manicured nails much good having to lug the washing machine from a 7.5 ton truck into the White House utility room.

If she splits a nail shifting their bloody big fridge/freezer into the kitchen, recent protests displayed by American liberals at his presidency will pale into insignificance compared to the wrath of his missus.

Further to my house move, I’d recommend Trump doesn’t get ‘the wall’ built by the guy who did my patio shortly after I moved in. If he does, his aim of refraining Mexicans entering his country is unlikely to be fulfilled.

What does the future hold for our American cousins? Are we entering into an era of America becoming great again as the incoming President promised? Or are we seeing the dawn of a time that manifests an increase in US and global divisiveness?



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