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Meet Me In Montana

My daughter Rachel, who’s been working in Canada for the last sixteen months, twelve days, 22 hours and thirty two minutes, is currently on vacation in the USA with her boyfriend. A lass who always tries to integrate with her hosts, Rach will spend her time in the States striving to fit in with the locals by doing American type things. As I write, she’s probably sitting in a diner […]

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Uncle Sam’s 241st Birthday

It’s Independence Day in America. Around the fifty states, there will be patriotic celebrations marking the 241st anniversary of their nation adopting the Declaration of Independence. A historic day when America became a new entity, detaching itself from the British Empire. Allegedly leading to it’s author Thomas Jefferson posting on Twitter “Good riddance to those Limey’s with their lukewarm tea and fake news…… Incidentally, does anyone know the CNN channel number?!” Anecdotally, the British […]

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Where Were You When?

It is said that individuals recollect certain historical events by recalling what they were undertaking on hearing of or witnessing that particular event. For instance, it is said that everyone can remember what they were doing when news was broadcast of US President John F Kennedy’s assassination in November 1963. That isn’t strictly true as, despite being alive then, I have no memory of the incident. That’s hardly surprising, though, as I was  only seven months old when Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly shot the incumbent US President. Despite […]

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When JFK Dug In His Cuban Heels

The world gave a huge sigh of relief on this day in 1962, when an agreement to resolve the Cuban missile crisis was reached by the USA and the Soviet Union. The historic accord averted the immediate threat of nuclear war between the two superpowers. The crisis started a fortnight earlier when a United States U2 reconnaissance plane spotted the existence of Soviet missiles on Cuban soil; giving them capacity […]

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