A gentleman in every sense

Half full glass, brimming heart

Though Sunday’s Jolly Miller jaunts times glass untenanted

Initiated offspring’s worship at LS11 kirk; Roots irrefutable

Brood unconditionally sheltered; selfless acts thy default

Role model role; model role model.


Family purgatory at current plight melancholic

Keep thine spirit gentleman, despite annus notgoodius

The wolf found wood house unfit for purpose

Woodhouse man remain resolute against reaper nemesis

Thine wintertide expected forebear awaits thy witness

Witness of propagated spring bulbs also brood’s hope.


Grandson and GJS want your companionship at leather & willow events hence

Additionally, I need your presence to witness my book go global

Although, don’t hold your breath; in fact definitely don’t hold breath

My tomes incorporates self-indulgent yarns with thine tales of yore featured

Remember we’ve more Frank, Mel, Newly, Ella and Bobby D discs to spin

If you put Alvin & the Chipmunks on though, I’m off.


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