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Created Sick, Commanded To Be Well

During a recent attempt to broaden my intellectual horizons, I was intrigued to read a statement by the late author, social critic and public intellectual Christopher Hitchens, claiming “Once you assume a creator and a plan, it makes us objects in a cruel experiment, whereby we are created sick, and commanded to be well.” An unashamed contrarian, iconoclast and anti-theist, witnessing Hitchens erudite and forthright prowess in the debating bear […]

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As I commence this second narrative of the day, I’m sitting in an eatery on the food/drink mezzanine area at the White Rose Shopping Centre. Around twenty minutes ago, I became the recipient of a sharp new haircut; consequently, I’m now bereft of the bizarre kiss curl that’d become my recent unwelcome fringe trademark. This unintended hair accoutrement giving me a look of an out of shape, but less anxious, […]

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Might Seem Crazy What I’m ‘Bout To Say!

On Saturday afternoon, as one of the acts performing at Garforth’s G-Fest music event, I was part of an ensemble singing choral versions of popular contemporary refrains Headlining the community stage, we (Garforth Community Choir) played a 15 minute set incorporating the songs You Gotta Be, Happy, Shackles, Is This Love, Lovely Day. Our audience several hundred East Leeds revellers – Discerning music lovers gathering at the Glebelands venue in […]

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Co-op Horsing It

“They don’t know what to charge!!” – A go to expression used by my mother when paying for, or witnessing, what she deems to be extortionately priced goods or services. I’m unsure if this is a Yorkshire colloquialism used by the Tyke lass, or a saying utilised throughout the UK; however it’s use to describe overpriced products always intrigued me. After all, they (the seller) clearly did know what to charge, […]

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Holy Day, Batman

It’s Good Friday – A time when christians around the globe congregate to mark the crucifixion of Christ – The son of God condemned to death by Pontus Pilate at the request of the Sanhedrin. Jesus’ alleged crime that of claiming to be the King of the Jews, along with a lesser trumped-up charge of misspelling Sanhedrin on his case parchment. By no stretch of the imagination have I been a […]

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Fell Fridays – The Taprooms

Yesterday in Friday Nights On The Fell I wrote of the Low Fell pub route mates and I undertook on Friday evenings in the early 1980’s. Within this journal, relaying the order of service (at the bar, not from the pulpit) and some of the characters with whom I socialised back then. Admittedly, this meander on foot was barely the staggering achievement of Hannibal’s trek across the Alps – Mimicking that challenging route […]

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You Say Groceries, I Say…..

I’ve been delayed from chronicling today’s monologue due to lunching with mum; followed by the purchase of Mrs S senior’s comestibles. Not that, I hasten to add, mater refers to her major weekly food shop as purchasing comestibles. To be honest, I’ve never met anyone who refers to the buying of provisions as purchasing comestibles……. In fact, I’m struggling to think of anyone I’ve previously engaged with who uses the […]

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