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Would I Lie To You?!

Endeavouring to impart a little levity during these worrying times, I’ve mulled over various strategies in which I could maybe raise spirits amongst my readership, along with friends/followers on social media. Among these notions the production of recordings, either by video or audio podcasts of some of my narratives. My hybrid Yorkshire/North East accent, and capricious acting skills being thrown out there for either friend or foe to pick over. […]

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Make Thee Mightier Yet

As I perch in self-isolation, whilst endeavouring to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19, I’m pondering who was the metaphorical Pandora who opened the box to unleash this odious coronavirus among the global family. For the uninitiated, in Greek mythology, Pandora opened a jar left in her care which unbeknown to her containing sickness, death and many other unspecified evils which were then released into the world. Though she hastily […]

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It’s a few years since I’ve penned a sonnet. However, in the isolation of a West Yorkshire dining room, this evening I felt moved to quill prose about the prevailing shenanigans surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic:- SONNET TO COVID Indiscriminate pathogen, agenda stark  Rendering us hermits, unless we roam park  Enough already, you’ve made toxic mark  Existence jeopardy, including ex-footballer Frank Clark    Enforced social distancing, your legacy benefaction  Crowd gathering bans […]

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Within the next few days I’ll reach a couple of milestones on this enduring blogging odyssey. Firstly, today’s narrative is the 1,800th piece I’ve penned since, five years ago, embarking on this sojourn by syntax. The second juncture of note is that of the aforementioned five year anniversary of me writing, along with publishing the inaugural blog on my website, on 25th March 2015. A journey which in part […]

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You’ve Gotta Laugh….. Erm, Hopefully!!

Watching the prevailing global shenanigans brought forth by COVID-19 make me feel as though I’ve been transported into a post-apocalyptic scene within a John Wyndham book. A sentiment leading to notions it’s only a matter of time before there’ll be triffids terrorising the avenues and alleyways of our planet. That being said, it’s not all grim news. Despite coronavirus’ enduring and ever worsening grip around the global family’s necks, it’s […]

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Nice To See You…..

I’ve just undertaken my inaugural piece of gardening for 2020, with a couple hours cutting back shrubs, hoeing and cutting the front lawn. In all honesty, the borders and grass were too damp to undertake the task. However, the daily witnessing of the aesthetically unsightly border by the bay window, along with a lawn of erratic blade length, moved me into a spot of premature horticultural maintenance. Footnote – When […]

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Held A Costa

It’s Saturday morning and yours truly is seated within the open plan balcony coffee house in the White Rose Shopping Centre (WRSC), which’s become a habitual locale for these daily chronicles. Through the glass barrier, which protects cafe patrons and me from plummeting 20 foot onto unsuspecting shoppers below, I witness a group of soldiers raising financial support for former soldiers and their families. Peddling furiously on two exercise bikes, […]

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