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Delay the Flight

Existential departure lounge

Sorry, but passport bereft traveller can’t venture

Instead, seeking return to bosom of brood

Akin to kin, interim delay in one way flight sought

He’ll return eventually, aware avoidance not option.


Where art aviation controllers strike?

Where art handlers o’ baggage mischief?

Where art failure technical?

Where art meteorological interference?

Conspicuous by absence, undesired smooth path bequeathed.


Traveller aware no brood escapes pain of departure

His kin expectations unreasonable not

One more for the road, as proffered by Francis Albert

As family of Caledonian name seeking boarding higher than Gate 81

Clan Destine in the dark


Roy Castle advocated value of dedication

Keith Richards dabbled with medication

Clan Destine seek traveller’s pain cessation

Allow once again eves of merlot bouquet and Bobby Darrin lament

A gratitude deserved by clan’s Clark Kent.

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Gary Strachan

2 kids who've flown the nest, 1 wife whose flown with Jet2. Born at a young age in 1960's Leeds, the author became interested in the literary life when his wife bought him a dog. Having an allergy to dogs, he swapped it for a typewriter. Being unable to train the typewriter to retrieve tennis balls, he reluctantly turned to writing...... Website -

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