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Elf Isolating

Yesterday while mowing the back lawn, I slipped unceremoniously into my habitual penchant for moulding words, sentences and adages in an attempt to achieve a whimsical quip. During this episode of distraction from a mundane chore, two rather lukewarm gags manifested themselves in my conscious mind. These epiphanies, although weak, were of a level I reckoned with some lexicological manoeuvring had scope to make them less tepid than at advent. […]

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Womb Or Tomb?

Sitting in COVID-19 induced isolation, I’ve just unearthed the idiosyncratic metaphor that global residences have taken on the mantle of wombs to their nations symbolic stir crazy embryos. Those affected not denotatively gestating from a physical growth perspective; moreover, this quarantining will cultivate the afflicted’s minds, outlook and spirit. Consequently, exiting incarceration bearing less selfish, more benevolent behavioural traits than prior to deprivation of unhindered liberty. Of course, these poetic utterances […]

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Your Mother Should Know!!

Solar rays and The Beatles Greatest Hits (1967-1970) album are my dining room companions this Friday evening. This pleasing visual and aural backdrop a perfect accompaniment to my glass of Pinot Grigio; my beverage of choice while gawping at freshly cut back lawns and newly regenerating spring time flora and fauna…… Seemingly, in these COVID-19 quarantined time, shrub watching is the new people watching! Former US presidential founding father of America, […]

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Pause For Applause

I’ve just returned indoors after partaking in a two minute ‘Clap for Carers’. This national weekly ritual affording Britain’s populace a platform to express gratitude to it’s care workers. People whose hard graft currently underpins the UK’s resolve amid this era of jeopardy. Individuals whose stoicism keep this sceptred isle’s candle burning, as COVID-19, working in cahoots with the Grim Reaper, seeks to extinguish the flame. As the former’s skullduggery […]

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11 Pence, 11 Bloody Pence!!

Following this morning’s meander down the Main Street to my local Tescos Extra food store, I wanted to commence this lexicological sojourn advising my readership I’m safely repatriated within the familial home….. Mind you, only just! Admittedly, this return into the Strachan abode not warranting the dramatic profile of the eponymous character’s home-coming in the Parable of the Prodigal Son’s. After all, this prodigal son’s odyssey for was merely embarked […]

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Life In A Northern Town

As I plough on with these diaries chronicling life under the epee de Damocles, hovering menacingly over the globe in the shape of COVID-19, my mum’s sitting opposite deriding an auctioneer on TV show Bargain Hunt. A dour looking fellow who she opines should display a chirpier persona, especially as “He’s on the bleeding telly!” Listening to the old lady’s sneering at this bald forty-something chap, who admittedly isn’t the […]

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Happy Horseplay Day

It’s April Fools Day. Consequently, we’ll have a day littered with inane pranks, silly stories and tiresome practical jokes…… In other words it’s business as usual dans maison de Strachan. I find some practical jokes whimsical and innovative. For instance, yours truly was amused when hearing of a prank an acquaintance plans involving the filling of hollow Easter egg gifts with toothpaste…….. That being said, if she employs that form […]

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