Political Uncertainty – The Gift That Just Keeps Giving!

Well, we’ve moved into a ever more uncertain political future. The General Election votes have been counted and, as twelve months ago when the UK public chose a divorce from the European Union (EU), a previously unforeseen outcome has been produced.

Despite the aforementioned referendum occurring a year ago, the decree absolute between the UK and EU hasn’t yet been concluded. Red tape and procrastination mean unfinished financial matters exist, along with no resolution to who gets the electric cheese grater and Elton John CD’s.

With Article 51 invoked and commencement of negotiations about the terms for the UK to split imminent, in April prime minister Theresa May called an early General Election which took place last Thursday. A move aimed at increasing the Tory majority in parliament, bolstering Britain’s negotiating hand as a consequence.

Unfortunately, it backfired horribly on the Boudica in blue, her decision actually resulting in a government in a worse position with no overall majority. With the diminished leverage, Boudica’s uprising against the European foes of Briton now has to be undertaken with a degree more humility…… So for f*** sake keep Boris Johnson miles away from the talks, Theresa!

Our lady PM sought a mandate from the country but only achieved a woman date, in the shape of DUP leader Arlene Foster. An unwanted, but mandatory, meeting to establish common ground for a proposed coalition government; her initial plans sunk in the choppy waters of the North Sea, like a WWII ship stricken by a U-Boat.

What was the cause of this previously unforeseen outcome? Had the men with a public school tie and a crest been duped by a mischievous Electoral Commission, allowing Labour MP Diane ‘Abacus’ Abbott to count the votes?…… For those unacquainted, Ms Abbott’s’ mathematical prowess received much comment following a statistical gaff during campaigning.


Anyway, Mrs May’s epiphany to bring forward the election turned out to be one of folly. From my perch on the periphery, it appeared she was the victim of Tory complacency. They portrayed an air of arrogance, especially in the early ‘we are untouchable’ days of campaigning. A smugness born from the fact they were 21 points ahead in the polls, along with the misguided assumption none of the vote waverers would touch Labour with a bargepole.

However, to their cost, they under-estimating the electoral support for the old school socialist in the red corner. The much maligned Jeremy Corbyn, whose leadership even splits his own MPs, producing a campaign head and shoulders above his self-satisfied rivals.

Mr Corbyn may not be Nye Bevan, but achieved the nigh on impossible by reducing the Conservative parliamentary headcount, while increasing his own parties. A major accolade when taking into account how far behind Labour were when the General Election was called in April.

Of course, Labour didn’t win and won’t play any part in the UK government, possibly until 2022. However, even if the red flag won’t be flying at full mast, as it flutters a little prouder halfway up that pole, it looks significantly less threadbare than it did on Thursday morning,

Last week, the British people gave the Tory party the following strong message; advice they would do well to heed:-

”Always rinse cooked pasta with boiling water prior to mixing with the sauce…….. Oh, and leave our public services and the NHS alone, your buddies have enough already!”

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