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Power To The People!!

More out of duty than faith in any political party, I’ve just voted in the UK’s General Election. To my mind, a ballot where citizens of this sceptred isle are perched between a rock and a hard place when it comes to selecting who governs…… Or should that be a cock or furry face?! Footnote – Furry face is Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn!!…. It would be impolite to relay who […]

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Ballot By Ordeal

Despite a huge indifference towards dining at the unappetising looking General Election buffet table, on Thursday I’ll join fellow UK citizens in selecting an unwanted ballot box ‘dish’. Unappealing fare which’ll no doubt riddle us with indigestion for the next five years. Above is my poetic attempt at conveying, due to the uninspiring options available, my complete lack of enthusiasm for the task in hand, I liken the contemporary ballot box […]

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Where There’s No Smoke, There’s No Fire

There’s an engineer due this afternoon. His mission, should he choose to accept it, to repair my mum’s gas fire which has refused to ignite since last Friday. Frustratingly, I tried a variety of unsuccessful strategies to remedy the problem, including exclaiming irritable cries of “Work you useless piece of s***e!” However, this approach failed to bear fruit, or indeed flames. Likewise, a less confrontational approach of engaging arbitration and conciliation […]

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Political Uncertainty – The Gift That Just Keeps Giving!

Well, we’ve moved into a ever more uncertain political future. The General Election votes have been counted and, as twelve months ago when the UK public chose a divorce from the European Union (EU), a previously unforeseen outcome has been produced. Despite the aforementioned referendum occurring a year ago, the decree absolute between the UK and EU hasn’t yet been concluded. Red tape and procrastination mean unfinished financial matters exist, […]

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Voting By Ordeal

Despite my indifference to dining at the unappetising looking General Election buffet table, I’ll soon be embarking on the short journey to choose a dish that I’ll no doubt find unfulfilling, which will at some point riddle me with indigestion. Above is a poetic attempt at communicating my imminent departure to vote in the UK General Election. It also reveals my complete lack of enthusiasm for the task in hand, due […]

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Tomorrow’s Big Decision

The capriciousness that has recently left it’s stench of indecision around chez Strachan, has risen a notch as we get close to tomorrow’s big choice. If your wondering what the stench of indecision is like, it’s not unlike the aroma of a curry…… or is that pizza?! This Thursday, after weeks of pondering, contemplation and pondering, the big day will eventually be here…… Incidentally, writing the word pondering twice in the sentence above wasn’t an error on my part; […]

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Politics, Weather & the Poems of Fermal Undies

Another day, another claiming of squatters rights in a hospital waiting room. On this occasion, the trip is for the oncologist to provide a family member with results from a previous weeks CT scan.. Outside the heavy precipitation taps against the waiting area window as if its trying to grab my attention. Irrationally, I opine the rain is goading yours truly; advising I may be safe at the moment, but promising me a soaking on leaving the building. My relative is sat next to me reading a newspaper. […]

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