Gary Strachan – "Write" Said Fred

Daily Journals From Deep Within A Capricious Mind

Sonnet Spontaneous

Sonnet spontaneous
Unplanned prose defiling chaste page
Epiphany evasive; topic timid
Dining chair in situ; inspiration yeti’s holy grail
Sustenance on hold in domain digestion.

Newsday of sloth speed, subject secreted safely
Will anecdotes of procrastination suffice?
Does drugstore sojourn present potential?
Yeti ventures not, along with earlier blog disclosure
Should he leave Pepys, Mole and Jones’ to journals aujourd’hui.

A licence artistic yeti’s potential recourse
Fictionalise day, wax lyric apocryphal
Concoct to dramatise jejune epoch
Diversion only outlet through torturous times
His last bastion of hope, the distraction of soliloquy.

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