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It’s Only Words

This morning I spent a period of time creating a document containing eight of my narratives, which I’ve been asked to deliver to a Bedfordshire women’s group at the end of October. The monologues selected by a family friend, also formerly of Gateshead parish, who co-ordinates society events for the aforementioned ladies organisation. The chosen essays all taken from a folder ‘Gateshead Memories’ on my blogging website . I’ve never […]

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I’m Dan Rather….

I’m lounging unceremoniously on an arm chair in my mother’s dining room as I pen this prose. Outside’s solar rays producing a Super Trouper like beam, highlighting the recently unkempt lawn and borders which for weather or health reasons I’ve neglected for the last two weeks. I’ve one eye on a corner of the room where a catchup broadcast of ‘Countryfile’ plays out on TV. My other eye is on […]

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A Brush With Recklessness

As a consequence of yesterday evening failing asleep in the middle of inter-tooth cleaning, this morning I woke to the discomfort of an angled interspace dental brush prodding into my belly button. Understandably, my initial sentiments on discovering the cause of this abdominal irritation was of relief that I’d not nodded off with the brush still in my mouth. A scenario which would’ve presented yours truly with a significant choke […]

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Pretty Green

Today’s blog topic was inspired by this morning’s telephone conversation with my son Jonathon. Although he’s my offspring, the relationship between Jonny and I bears a  familiarity and candour of siblings. So much so I think of him as a younger brother. As a consequence of this father/son bond our discussions ordinarily take place with an openness and trust I don’t normally apply to the majority of other individuals…… Well, […]

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Going West

This morning I followed 19th century American author Horace Greeley’s advice of “Go west, young man!” My embracing of this adage a consequence of the need to drive Mrs Strachan senior (mater) to my sister’s home in Macclesfield. Certainly not a desire to follow the sentiments of Greeley’s advocacy of relocating to undertake an agricultural work role. A career move aimed at solve numerous national economic issues poverty and unemployment. […]

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If Only I Had A…….

I’ve got a followup appointment with my cardiologist tomorrow. A meeting to discuss my post-heart attack progress, results of my last ultrasound and the recipe for butter-free Butter Chicken. Apparently his signature dish which he quirkily titles ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Chicken’. Cardiologists, the scourge of take-away restaurant owners, cheese manufacturers, pie-makers and a cardiac arrest victim from east Dulwich called Geoff. Much to his chagrin, the West […]

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Taking Off The Foxgloves

A decent bottle of Bordeaux, a device which decanters wine prior to its onward journey into the glass, along with a hardback book titled ‘Grumpy Old Git’s Guide to Life’. Tokens of love bequeathed by my two adult children, showing their appreciation for the unconditional love I’ve bestowed upon them for almost three decades. Yesterday’s Father’s Day gifts, not only indicative of my offspring’s gratitude towards the secure, warm, loving […]

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