A Recharge Without A Charger

I’m away for couple of days and, lax packing for the sojourn, am bereft of laptop charger. A consequence of  throwing two iPhone chargers, instead of the power adapter and one iPhone charger, into my holdall while hurriedly packing,

So depending on your views of my literary skillset, I’ve the good or bad news that, once this 35% of power has ebbed to the energy graveyard in the sky, I’m unable to pen a narrative online until returning to casa Strachan on Wednesday.

I’ve the capability of writing my daily observations upon my phone, however typing a minimum 500 worded monologue on an iPhone keyboard is an onerous task. I’ve done found the process a cumbersome conduit for creating lengthy literary compositions.


GJ Strachan has previously written blogs on his phone, most notably during a bus ride to Harrogate and at my seat in Headingley Stadium during a break in Test match play.  The latter after troughing the worst fish and chips I’d ever consumed in my life.

I’m unsure what fish it was supposed to be, but it was grey and tasted like a cricket shoe insole! Even the copious sprinkling of malt vinegar and salt was unable to impart any flavour into this batter covered crime to cuisine.

You may wonder how I know what a cricket shoe insole tastes like. But it’s important to understand, in my youth, I’ve played cricket at some opponents grounds in areas of great poverty. Consequently, some of the teas I ate weren’t the best, so we had to make do.

Incidentally, it’ll not surprise you to learn, regardless of how much a cricket club was ‘on their uppers’, shoe insoles were never on the menu at any away ground. Like the other comment I was pondering, which was one club were so destitute their tea involved a read of the local takeaway menu, it was an outright lie!…. But if world leaders can do it regarding far more serious circumstances, the practise is good enough for me!

I suppose yours truly could handwrite my next blog; typing it up when I’ve opportunity to recharge my laptop. I’m sure I’ll be able to source paper and a pen from somewhere. If not, yours truly additionally has an option to record my observations onto my iPhone. Which, unlike the larger device, I’m sure you recall has more than enough chargers to ensure power presence.

In the past, I’ve penned observations on numerous occasions. For years, I took along an exercise book/jotter and pen on summer holidays, mainly at Mediterranean resorts. While laid sunbathing, I’d jot down similar whimsical insights into my day, as undertaken now in my online blog.

I’ve still got all the books somewhere at home. I’ll have to revisit them sometime to maybe transfer then into electronic format. However, bearing in mind much of the pen work has smudged due to spilled suncream and sweat manifesting from the Mediterranean heat, I’d envisage that’d be a challenging project.

I’m now just shy of 500 words in this piece, there’s 26% of the battery charge remaining. So unless it takes my a couple of hours to edit this piece, l’ve had an opportunity to conclude these observations, prior to my laptop running on empty.

Must dash!!…….. Take it away Melba!!…….

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