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Meet The Gang

Yesterday evening GJ Strachan joined seven buddies to partake in a Zoom quiz. This inquisition, in part, a display of deference to folk singing/whistling legend Roger Whittaker. Amongst this reverence some group members fleetingly adorning card masks bearing the warbler’s visage. This evening of esprit taking the form of general knowledge […]


Thirty years ago today I became a father for the first time. This major life event consequential of son and heir Jonathon joined the cast of this reality show called life. A rollercoaster of a gig that my boy has thus far weathered relatively well; arriving as a thirtysomething as […]

Lawn Aid

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” – WH Auden If they’d the power of speech, an observation my arid front and back lawns may’ve hurled in my direction yesterday afternoon. Parched from around a month bereft of precipitation, the grass blades looked a pretty sorry bunch as […]


Yesterday evening, as shadows lengthened while solar rays ventured ever westward, I posed sedentary at casa Strachan’s patio table To counter the consequential diminishing temperatures I ignited a chiminea wood fire. A pyre which burned fervently a foot, or so, from my uncovered legs, providing a comforting warmth to previously […]

Planet COVID On June’s Watch

“….Oh June, like the mountains are blue Like the pine I am lonesome for you…” After bidding good riddance to the month of May and a tentative welcome to June’s advent here on planet COVID, the above sentiments from Laurel & Hardy’s refrain Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia play continuously on loop […]

Frozen Not Stirred

I’ve just heard an ice cream van in an adjacent street, which bore the James Bond theme as its chime. Deeming this a quirky alternative from the oft heard melodic chimes, such as ‘Greensleeves’ or ‘Whistle While You Work’, this soundscape was the catalyst to a wry grin adorning my […]

Failing To Curry Favour

With a soundscape of distant radio music and children’s brio while frolicking in nearby gardens, GJ Strachan perches garden patio table in situ. His self-appointed mission the scribbling of a second Spring Bank Holiday Monday chronicle. Sheltering from early afternoon solar rays under a hefty parasol, I’m currently afflicted by […]

The Perks of Privilege

In the absence of a COVID-19 vaccine, to fill in a few vacant hours yesterday I pondered what might be a fit for purpose alternative ‘medicine’ to help protect me from the ubiquitous pathogen. Hare-brained I know, but if the gaffer across the pond can indulge in such tomfoolery in […]

Grim & Grime

Unless scenic walks, queuing outside a supermarket, or standing in an empty shopping mall and cacophonously screaming “Aaaarrrggghhh!!” is your bag, under prevailing lockdown edicts entertainment rations outside of the home are indeed meagre. Even the chair of the Entertainment Rations Are Meagre Society (ERAMS), Clive Tyretread, who’s seen some […]