The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes

While sitting here scouring the room seeking inspiration for todays topic, my eyes are drawn to the book my wife is currently reading.

It’s a hardback tome currently perched on the seat of a nearby easy chair, adjacent to some vinyl records I’ve selected to drop off for my dad later. It appears to stare back encouraging me subliminally to not give up, after all its author will have experienced times of writers block before ultimately achieving her literary goal.

Looking at this the book cover an a potential epiphany manifests itself as I notice the author is lady named Lucy Diamond. I’m assuming Lucy is a woman from the name, but if you’re not (in the very remote chance you read this) I apologise in advance.

Viewing Ms Diamonds moniker, The Beatles song Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds springs randomly to my erratic mind.

A critically acclaimed anthem from the Sgt Pepper album, it was speculated that the title was a thinly veiled reference to the drug LSD.

This was vehemently denied by John Lennon, however some viewed the acronym LSD was taken from the title nouns (Lucy, Sky, Diamonds). Add to that its surreal lyrics, meant some opined the song was relaying experiences on a LSD trip.

If true, it’s not clear whose trip it was. However, I hope whoever it was had plenty of sun factor 25 on as you can get badly burned from those marmalade skies.

Is there any truth behind the allegations of this being written as a paean to the psychedelic drug Lysergic acid diethylamide?……. I’ve no idea!…… I suggest you watch the video on YouTube and read the lyrics to make your own mind up. If that doesn’t work ask a policeman.

I personally have never used LSD so can’t speak from experience about its purported psychedelic affects. To my knowledge, I’ve never closely known anyone who had issues with drugs.

Fighting addiction of anything needs tenacity, discipline and great strength. Anyone who seeks redemption from any demon affecting their existence for the worse has my utmost respect and support.

Well, I managed to write about 300 words about a subject I know little about from ideas gleaned from the viewing the author’s name of my wife’s current read.

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Venturing off on a completely unrelated tangent, I spent a bit of time cleaning our dual ovens yesterday afternoon. It’s an onerous task, however I attempt to undertake this unfulfilling chore fairly regularly, as it’s a significantly harder task if left too long.

So yesterday, just as the kitchen clock chimed to announce it was 2pm, out came the soda crystals, wire scrubber, hot water and Fairy Liquid. As we don’t own a kitchen clock, my spouse and I were somewhat startled by these chimes!

Nevertheless, I combined the cleaning materials above with a bit of elbow grease and classic oldies on Magic FM, to create a tried and tested recipe for a sparkling cooking appliance an hour or so later.

To be honest, the cooking appliances wasn’t overly dirty. There were no remnants of a charred turkey bone from Christmas dinner, or an errant roast potato from last Sunday’s lunch in the darker recesses of the dual ovens. My strategy of regular cleaning and removing spillages as they occur had paid dividends in easing my task.

The hob even got a makeover. Well the word clean would be more accurate than using the noun makeover; which makes it sound like Gok Wan visited chez Strachan to carry out a cooker amelioration.

Right, I need to conclude this blog to investigate where the hell those chimes came from at 2pm yesterday.

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