Pomme Musique Memories

Pomme Musique joue For The Benefit of Mr Kite

Floats towards shell-like on digital sound not stiff breeze

Mr Kite’s journey no longer analogue, though original defined

Clarity multiplied from quartet’s original; though only diamond polish

Mr Kite has benefitted in resonation, pleasure though correlative.


La Marseillaise intro to agony aunt proffering

Well meaning advocacy, though yeti ponders what amour means

Affection, loyalty, confidante, lover, best friend?

Meal-ticket, manipulation, exploitation, manoeuvring?

The former a rare visitor at his door.


Yeti relates more to Fool On The Hill

Nobody wants to know him, alone on that hill

Over-analytical misinterpretation?

Notions basis of fact?

Head not world spins round.

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