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Pause For Applause

I’ve just returned indoors after partaking in a two minute ‘Clap for Carers’. This national weekly ritual affording Britain’s populace a platform to express gratitude to it’s care workers. People whose hard graft currently underpins the UK’s resolve amid this era of jeopardy. Individuals whose stoicism keep this sceptred isle’s candle burning, as COVID-19, working in cahoots with the Grim Reaper, seeks to extinguish the flame. As the former’s skullduggery […]

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Life In A Northern Town

As I plough on with these diaries chronicling life under the epee de Damocles, hovering menacingly over the globe in the shape of COVID-19, my mum’s sitting opposite deriding an auctioneer on TV show Bargain Hunt. A dour looking fellow who she opines should display a chirpier persona, especially as “He’s on the bleeding telly!” Listening to the old lady’s sneering at this bald forty-something chap, who admittedly isn’t the […]

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COVID-19 Dictionary Additions

I’m beginning to wander if this frequent hand washing malarky, a necessity in this stark COVID-19 era, is starting to erode away my fingerprints. I raise the topic as within the past week I’ve observed my devices with fingerprint recognition technology seem only to sporadically respond to my dab. My paranoia manifesting notions the access interruption maybe an unyielding coronavirus strategy by proxy. One whose agenda is to further mess with […]

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Would I Lie To You?!

Endeavouring to impart a little levity during these worrying times, I’ve mulled over various strategies in which I could maybe raise spirits amongst my readership, along with friends/followers on social media. Among these notions the production of recordings, either by video or audio podcasts of some of my narratives. My hybrid Yorkshire/North East accent, and capricious acting skills being thrown out there for either friend or foe to pick over. […]

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Scary, No Go & Midge!

Thankfully, thus far I’ve had no requirement to self-isolate in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. A situation I’m relieved about for several reasons, the most predominant being I’ve absolutely no idea whether to embrace hermitism at my West Yorkshire home, or the planet I oft inhabit whilst embarking on these chronicles. Presently, on the contrary to sitting in solitude in one of my sanctuaries, I’ve arrived at Friday tea-time […]

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An Exact Science

I’ve just returned from a Health Circuits class at John Smeaton Leisure Centre (JSLC). With the restoration of my post-exercise heart beat back to normal, along with the consumption of a half litre bottle of water, increased serotonin levels are re-invigorating me both physically and mentally. I’m no scientist, in fact so indifferent was my schooldays interest in biology, chemistry and physics, at 14 I dropped the science subjects as […]

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A Change of Plans

I’d proposed not penning a blog today. Intending instead to commence a significant rewrite of a tome written in 2010, which I’d remissly disregarded, leaving unloved and gathering dust for a decade. However, after a troublesome time attempting to gain White Rose Shopping Centre’s (WRSC) wifi access, circumstances conspired against me causing an itinerary rethink. Eventually, access was secured on a latent store network, however I experienced ‘Page Timeout’ errors […]

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