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It’s Only A Number!

Yesterday, after witnessing numerous recent examples of Faceapp’s predicted facial ageing of Facebook friends, intrigue got the better of me, moving me to download the app for myself. Some many opine my act of seeking how kind the ageing process may (or may not be) to yours truly was one of vanity. However, I’d maintain a more accurate descriptive for my behaviour is intrigue. After all, wanting to see a […]

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One Out, All Out!!

Yesterday evening my fan assisted oven decided to join its kitchen appliance buddies, the refrigerator and washing machine, with their recent decision to cease working. This inconvenient collective withdrawal of white goods labour all occurring in the past two weeks. Consequently at various junctures within the last fortnight Mrs S’s laundry schedule has been disrupted, perishable comestible purchases have required more thorough planning, and the family’s lost the ability to […]

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Happy Valley 2 – The Sequel

In yesterday’s narrative Happy Valley I touched upon some of the characters I worked with when starting my first job as a wet behind the ears sixteen year old boy***. Tales from the National Coal Board (NCB) north east area offices in Gateshead. *** – It was my fault as I’d not taken a brolly to counter the precipitation on 1st October 1979 – The day of my inaugural on-foot commute into […]

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On The Street Where I Lived

I have often walked down the street before But the pavement always Stayed beneath my feet before. All at once am I Several stories high Knowing I’m on the street where you live. Alan Jay Lerner’s lyrics from the song ‘On The Street Where You Live’ from the 1956 musical stage production of My Fair Lady. A song sung by incorrigible young socialite Freddy Eynsford-Hill outside the residence of a […]

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4G, or not 4G

‘4G, or not 4G, that is the question:Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to sufferThe slings and arrows of outrageous data coverage,Or to take arms against a lack of FacebookAnd by losing end my contract. To move — to join EE….’ Transcript Shakespeare may’ve utilised to commence a Hamlet soliloquy had the Prince of Denmark been an O2 customer during yesterday’s data network loss. Prose the bard may quill for […]

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Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane?….

Despite being a disciple of creativity – Particularly broadening my horizons and looking at art without prejudice, I’m not one who is overly precious about technological innovation. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the absolute need for society to evolve technology wise, however, I’m far from having enough interest in the topic to be called ‘Gadget Man’…… Moreover, my excitement levels with latest technological advances are on a plateau that […]

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Waiting Room Only

I’m hospital waiting room in situ as the starter’s pistol signals commencement of my second blog of the day. At least I think it was a starter’s gun, not the sound of a drive-by shooting on Beckett Street! Sitting in the Imaging department waiting area, the comforting heat of an adjacent radiator warms my chilled bones. My skeletal frostiness courtesy of the unforgiving north Leeds wind during my stroll from […]

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