After two weeks where I’ve encountered several failed attempts at getting my MacBook operating system upgraded, I can finally announce macOS Big Sur is now running the devices hardware management system.

This statement bringing forth two very differing emotions in GJ Strachan. One the happiness borne from witnessing my perseverance eventually overcame these OS problems – The other being concerns that such a geeky episode imparted such brio into my day.

Christ, I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be salivating at overcoming issues to ensure my device had the most up to date iOS……. Whatever next? Deriving pleasure from buying an audiobook on how to code with Java?

Anyhow, it’s been a frustrating time, predominantly caused by the fact 30 gigabytes free space (a quarter of my total hard disk capacity) was required to undertake the upgrade. Which was about 29GB more than I had at that juncture.

Consequently, I’d to delete a shed load of files and unused apps (some of which I’d have preferred to keep) if I aspired attaining the most up to date OS version. The state of affairs not aided by the fact when reaching the holy grail of 30GB free space a pop-up informed me a further 5GB was required to proceed.

Frustratingly, it got to the stage where I couldn’t find any further files/folders/apps to delete with certainty the action wouldn’t cause issues with the laptop’s stability. Consequently, the task was put on the back burner.

Moving on a couple of weeks since that frustrating event, during a phone conversation with a friend yesterday afternoon I vented my irk at this whole annoying episode. The target of my chagrin Apple for expecting customers to have such huge areas of free space to facilitate iOS upgrades.

Anyhow, not long after that conversation an upgrade to macOS Big Sur request popped up onto my MacBook screen. When I proceeded with the suggested course of action the task worked perfectly and subsequently GJ Strachan’s laptop now bears a shiny new hardware management system.

I’m not one who ordinarily subscribes to conspiracy theories, however, bearing in mind I’ve not freed up any disk space since the last failed upgrade it’s hard not to think there’s something fishy afoot.

Paranoia kicked in, manifesting notions that perhaps somebody/thing eavesdropped on my earlier phone conversation and, keen to avoid reputational damage, had somehow rectified whatever issue was causing the earlier OS update failures.

A theory which’d, if true, mean if you’ve an issue with an Apple product, don’t bother emailing or ringing the technology giant; merely tell a friend of your discontentment via mobile phone. Then let natural conspiratorial order take place.

Actually, it doesn’t’t have to be a friend. If they’re busy just ring the local garage owner to deliver news of your mobile device discontentment. He’ll be confused by the call but this irk will still get listened to, which is the main thing.

Despite my theory being great news from a customer service perspective, I’m unsure what your dyed in the wool curmudgeon would make of problem resolution by snooping, if it was rolled out across the service industry.

I don’t for one moment think they’ll be impressed by eavesdropping corporations resolving issues they want to be curmudgeonly about…… Coming to think of it, though, they’ll probably just whinge about having nothing to whinge about, which’ll no doubt go someway to restoring the natural curmudgeon order.

“It sounds like Strachan’s having issues with his firmware again!”

As an aside, yesterday evening GJ Strachan visited a psychic medium. Ordinarily I don’t dabble in these spiritual affairs, however, with a desire to get back in touch with a few jokes which died on me back in 2015 I took this short journey across town…… The simple question I’d planned to ask them if they did show was a simple “Why?!”

Sadly, those jokes didn’t make themselves known. However, all was not lost as my uncle Terry spoke to me through this psychic. My relative advocating I invest heavily in belly pork. This episode came as quite a surprise to yours truly – Not because I thought his investment tip was overly flawed (after all I’m no expert when it comes to the stock market); moreover because he’s not dead yet!

Right, I best bring this narrative to a conclusion. I’m off to invest heavily in belly pork….. Can anyone lend me a tenner?!

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