Job Judgemental

Disparaging judge in ivory tower

Deflecting deficiencies with efficacious venom

Concern thyself with flaws of reflected image

Assess not the non-reflected

Their footsteps thou hasn’t ambulated.


Paragon of virtue, self-appointed of role

Cast first stone if without sin

On realisation of thy flaws, humility exhibit

Return stone groundward, polish glass house in lieu

Judge instead a journey in the non-reflected’s footprints.


Backstabbing miscreant, villain of misinformation

Negativity your default stance, be positive of that

Ricocheting attention resolves not foibles

No doubt a blemish humanity bereft

Ministration usurps assassination of character every-time.


Author of poem, hypocrisy spouting

Guilty of duplicity, accepting job judgemental

Sonnet of self-righteousness, misguided sanctity

Practise thy preaching, anger unresolved by vitriolic prose

Incidentally, there’s a splendid 3 for 2 yoghurt offer on at Tesco.

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