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Happy Horseplay Day

It’s April Fools Day. Consequently, we’ll have a day littered with inane pranks, silly stories and tiresome practical jokes…… In other words it’s business as usual dans maison de Strachan. I find some practical jokes whimsical and innovative. For instance, yours truly was amused when hearing of a prank an acquaintance plans involving the filling of hollow Easter egg gifts with toothpaste…….. That being said, if she employs that form […]

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COVID-19 Dictionary Additions

I’m beginning to wander if this frequent hand washing malarky, a necessity in this stark COVID-19 era, is starting to erode away my fingerprints. I raise the topic as within the past week I’ve observed my devices with fingerprint recognition technology seem only to sporadically respond to my dab. My paranoia manifesting notions the access interruption maybe an unyielding coronavirus strategy by proxy. One whose agenda is to further mess with […]

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Tenth Day Practising Hermitry

Day ten of isolation amongst the hallowed halls and chambers of chez Strachan. I understand that description is rather grand for a three bedroomed detached house on the Leeds/Wakefield borders. However, the poet within me was loathed to embark upon today’s prose with a deeply unimaginative sentence, such as ‘Day ten of being stuck in this bloody house!’ On this prevailing sojourn, where I constantly endeavour to self-improve at my […]

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Better In Than Out!

Commencing this journal, I’m attempting to compute the latest COVID-19 update just witnessed on TV. This concerning news, delivered during the daily UK governmental briefing, informing the British public it’ll be an achievement if, amid our war with the spiteful COVID-19 pathogen, Britain keeps the nations death toll to under 20,000. A truly disquieting best case scenario! To put that into context, the NHS England chief’s forecast, at the aforementioned briefing, indicates […]

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To Do Or Not To Do?.. That Is The Question!

Entering my second week of isolation in chez Strachan, I sit reflecting on what’s been a productive first week with regards ticking off small projects from the chore inventory I’ve created myself during lockdown. With the rear patio and retaining wall jet blasted, the garage and my bedroom spruced up, both front and back gardens manicured to within an inch of their lives, along with two blogs a day penned/published […]

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There’s Wally!

Day two of isolation amongst the Yorkshire Dales’ aesthetically pleasing rural mural. My temporary residence, a 19th century cottage, hopefully my sanctuary from contracting the coronavirus. Misguidedly, I poetically like to think COVID-19 wouldn’t dare darken the door of this idyllic setting with it’s stark agenda, but it’s clearly a notion of folly. Overnight, I’ve acquired a sporadic chesty cough which I understand is a symptom of the virus. However, […]

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Just Sing!

In the face of national lockdown, members of the Italian populace are congregating from the safety of their own residential balconies, to partake in impromptu sing-a-longs. These contemporary operatic pastiches designed to raise the flagging spirits of those enduring enforced hermitism. Scenes showing, akin to many 19th century opera storylines written by their compatriots Giuseppe Verdi and Giacomo Puccini, Italy’s lockdown narrative is steeped in ill-health, fatalities and aria. This […]

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