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Getting My Goat

Despite protestations to the contrary by the outside temperature gauge on my car, today’s external ambience is bitingly cold. The wind chill messing with the gauge’s veracity; the latter’s climatic inaccuracy borne from negation of breeze condition influences from its encasing within the car’s chassis. This is today’s second essay. This additional prose an infrequent event, but with some spare time on my hands, I’ve decided to spend it in a portal […]

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Green Shoots

It’s been a productive week for yours truly. Seven days where I’ve indulged in a far physically and mentally healthier lifestyle, including three gym visits, a cathartic choir rehearsal and a much needed period of sobriety. A lifestyle adjustment meaning, if I could desist from unhealthily munching so many bags or crisps, who knows this time next year my aspiration fitness video ‘Gary Strachan – Unlike Flange, Exercise Isn’t A Dirty […]

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The Ghost of Procrastination Present

28th December – Today, after a scheduled visit to chez Strachan, I’ve had an opportunity of providing my daughter Rachel and her partner Brian their Christmas legacies. Festive tokens whose delivery, consequential of logistic issues, was deprived of me prior to and during yuletide. Small trinkets which are gestures of my love and affection towards my immediate family; clan members who bring me joy, pride and enchantment. Not to mention […]

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Tonight Matthew I’m Gonna Be….

One of the largest challenges I face while quilling these daily journals is crafting gags for the more whimsical lexicological offerings. Predominantly written bereft of a sounding bound, I’m writing gags which’ve not been witnessed, approved or dismissed prior to, via, launching them unceremoniously onto the worldwide web. Without prior critical feedback seeds of uncertainty manifest. Has the quip has been optimally structured? Not to mention angst as to […]

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Ostentatious Dining in WF3

In the absence of my estranged wife, I’m back residing at my marital home for a few nights. Circumstances, though, that didn’t stop me lunching at my mother’s abode today; my company the brood’s matriarch, my son Jonathon and his affianced Jenny. This family feast not just any old lunch, moreover the culinary banquet a M&S smorgasbord. This buffet containing platters of delicacies in the shape of antipasto, lobster with Mac/cheese, […]

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Bloom & Grow Forever

With Christmas Day hurtling towards us with the speed of a linen basket escaping a pair of The Grinch’s three week worn underpants, I’m concerned to be still awaiting delivery of half the festive gifts I purchased online in the middle of November…… In hindsight, perhaps it was misguided to order my daughter Rachel a Christmas present consisting of a pet sloth family, particularly one who stubbornly insisted on walking […]

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