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A 2nd Class Return To Dottingham

I’d a rare break from writing yesterday. Leaving casa Strachan at 7.30am and not getting home until 11.00pm rendering opportunities of putting pen to paper nigh on impossible. My destination the city of Nottingham – Robin Hood’s manor, domain made famous by Brian Clough, home of Boots the Chemist and place my late dad served his National Service in the 1950’s. My odyssey, though, wasn’t to cross swords with the […]

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Pint at The Jolly Miller

Scene – Outside a public house on Low Fell, Gateshead in 1982. A winter’s night when….. Actually, I’ll leave it to the sinister voice of Vincent Price to paint the picture…… “Darkness falls the land. The midnight hour is close at hand. Creatures crawl in search of blood, to terrorise the neighbourhood. Although you fight to stay alive, your body starts to shiver. But no mere mortal can resist a […]

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Full Stella Mode

Yesterday, I took an impromptu trek to the Junction 32 Retail Outlet, Castleford. A drive I embarked upon with aspirations of acquiring new clothing to improve my sartorial elegance this autumn. Not to mention continuing my vain charade believing I’m not a middle aged man and am ‘with it’ fashion wise……. Although, me just using the expression ‘with it’ will have blown that charade out of the water regardless! This […]

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Begging to Differ

According to a local weather forecaster, today is the last day for a while where Yorkshire will experience unusually warm, windless meteorological conditions. So today is the literal calm before the storm; prior to our long-standing warm spell being displaced by rain, strong breezes and climatic instability. To be honest, I was quite relieved to hear local weatherman Jon Mitchell relay the news of the forthcoming cooling temperatures. In particular, […]

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Keeping The Wolf From The Door

Yesterday in a local store, I overheard a glorious misquoting of an adage from a guy ahead of me at the checkout. This memorable incident occurred when he exclaimed to his partner “I’m sweating like a pig with a big mortgage!” During our recent 1-2 month warm spell, the correct version of that idiom (I’m sweating like a pig!) has oft been heard amongst avenues and alleyways frequented by the […]

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Last night I dreamt all of the curtain poles in my house simultaneously detached themselves from the walls in every room. Consequently, chez Strachan witnessed an unexpected synchronised crashing to the ground of wood, metal and drapes….. Strangely even in the garage, where there weren’t any fitted! In this night vision, on witnessing this scene I lambasted myself for misguidedly utilising velcro to affix the poles. Something my wife Karen […]

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Thunderbolt & Lightning

Thunder growls raucously over east Leeds as I type. Irritably, it howls like a wounded animal – An injured creature who’s also lost it’s winning lottery ticket and forgotten to tape last night’s shenanigans on ITV’s ‘Love Island’. It’s accompanying downpour of rain welcomed with open arms by the parched yellow straw, which in a former life was my back lawn. Hopefully this torrential precipitation will see a swift return […]

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