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Better In Than Out!

Commencing this journal, I’m attempting to compute the latest COVID-19 update just witnessed on TV. This concerning news, delivered during the daily UK governmental briefing, informing the British public it’ll be an achievement if, amid our war with the spiteful COVID-19 pathogen, Britain keeps the nations death toll to under 20,000. A truly disquieting best case scenario! To put that into context, the NHS England chief’s forecast, at the aforementioned briefing, indicates […]

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COVID Ni-ni-ni 19

With Danny Baker’s audiobook ‘Going To Sea In A Sieve’ my aural companion, I commence this second blog of the day with dusk taking over the Northern hemisphere baton from Friday’s daylight watch. Amongst the dark times remit’s ascension, the overseeing of all things COVID-19 related. With a triumvirate of governmental heads, including prime minister Boris Johnson, exhibiting symptoms of coronavirus, UK deaths rising and some of the populace bereft […]

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It’s a few years since I’ve penned a sonnet. However, in the isolation of a West Yorkshire dining room, this evening I felt moved to quill prose about the prevailing shenanigans surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic:- SONNET TO COVID Indiscriminate pathogen, agenda stark  Rendering us hermits, unless we roam park  Enough already, you’ve made toxic mark  Existence jeopardy, including ex-footballer Frank Clark    Enforced social distancing, your legacy benefaction  Crowd gathering bans […]

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Piers Pressure

This morning, I read on social media a person opine the advent of COVID-19 has created selfishness in a proportion of the UK’s population. Yours truly fully concurring with the selfishness accusation; however, I’d argue the catalyst of the self-centred behaviour isn’t the coronavirus. In my opinion, this pandemic has merely brought to the surface conduct that’d always existed in a proportion of the populace, just not given the media […]

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I’ve Bean And Done It

With my elderly mother self-isolating, I’d the unmitigated joy of undertaking the weekly food shop in solitude. In the wake of coronavirus’ wrath, panic buying has left many supermarket shelves sparsely stocked. In fact, the toilet roll aisle of a retail outlet I patronised yesterday was so bereft of toilet tissue squatters had taken residence where the rolls once lived. Of course, the last sentence isn’t true!!…… It was gypsies! […]

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Doomed I Tell Ye!!

Clearly, there’s nothing humorous about the COVID-19 virus. A pathogen which’s taken the globe by storm, bringing in its wake death, disruption to the existences of billions, along with displays of both the best and worst in human nature. However, despite this unprecedented worldwide carnage and full realisation of the severity of coronavirus, currently it’s a whimsical scare-mongering quote from a 1970’s sitcom which’s predominantly wandering my neurological corridors. These notions […]

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There Is Superstition

Mercifully, I survived Friday 13th without any discernible misfortune. In fact I’d proffer with some contentment that, except from slightly overcooking the oven chips and a rare bout of writers block, GJ Strachan’s Friday 13th March was, in the inimitable words of Bertie Wooster, tinkety tonk. If truth be told, my exposure to paraskevidekatriaphobic tales were few and far between. Instead of dwelling on a superstition claiming back luck chances were […]

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