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Emoji Confusion

Emojis – The animated little pictures added to our text messages or social media postings when we can’t be arsed to type the word(s) which the graphic represents. Although a labour saving option adding colour and whimsy to an electronic communication, if the recipient isn’t very ‘street’ some of the pictures meanings can be baffling. I count myself amongst that club who don’t have a firm grasp of all emoji […]

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Fool On The Hill

As I’ve written some pretty joyless stuff this week I intend attempting to inject some humour into today’s offering. Although being currently bereft of a topic, start, middle and end, as yet I’m unsure in what way that whimsy will manifest itself. I’m determined, though, to redeem myself for prose that in the last few days has trebled Samaritans call volumes. Not to mention led to staff at Harry’s Noose […]

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“He Seems A Lovely Lad!”

As I put pen to paper, there’s a royal wedding playing out on the goggle box in the far corner of casa Strachan’s modest living room. The Duke of York’s youngest daughter Princess Eugenie and a chap called Jack, who both Mrs Strachan’s senior and junior opined “Seems a lovely lad!”, the soon to be betrothed couple. I’ve never met, or am likely to meet, the groom to enforce the […]

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One of the groups I follow on social media is Viz Comic. This the Facebook electronic channel of comic that’s been available to buy in newsagents for ages. I could google the exact date it came into publication, but I don’t envisage your that interested so I won’t bother…… If you are, google it yourself, and while you’re on there can you find me the actors name who played the […]

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“It’s Not A Million Miles Away From….. “

Yesterday saw yours truly run my septuagenarian mother to the White Rose Shopping Centre, Leeds, for her weekly comestibles. Prior to the food shop, over a Costa coffee she furnished me with details of her recent holiday with long-term friends Jack and Jacqueline. The trio’s vacation destination the town of Eastbourne on the south coast of England. This resort a firm favourite among those in their dotage. Oldies seeking the […]

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License Not Always Required

Like many with a penchant for putting pen to paper, I often use artistic license in my prose. Fictional elements included aimed at incorporating humour, or merely to enhance the readworthiness of a otherwise dull anecdote. Additions required when GJ Strachan’s cascading of his monochrome lifestyle needs a dash of colour. It’s fair to say, as with numerous individuals, my real existence isn’t interesting enough to sustain a purely factual […]

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Fiction Becoming Fact

This morning, Facebook memories felt moved to remind me three years ago today I printed off 360+ pages of A4 paper containing a tome I penned in spring 2010. Not the most ecologically friendly of undertakings on my part, however, at that time hubris fed a need to possess paper copies of yours truly’s art. These words, quilled upon chaste pages, portraying a fictional tale of an emotional support organisation […]

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