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Russell’s Reflections

Last year, quite by accident I became aware of excerpts from the work of late philosopher/essayist Bertrand Russell. Knowledge I stumbled upon on during binge watching YouTube videos of thought-provoking advocacies delivered by individuals such as Stephen Fry, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris. In a compilation of celluloid lectures, where sitting engrossed at all four’s compelling debating style, I learned of a universal reverence borne by the quartet bore […]

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Toasting The Bard of Argyll

25th January 2020 – Today sees Scots around the world marking the birthday of 18th century Caledonian poet and lyricist Rabbie (Robert) Burns. Incorporated within these global Burns Night celebrations revellers will feast on haggis, neeps and tatties; along with partaking in a wee dram to toast the national poet of Scotland. In some cases, recitals of the Bard of Argyll’s poetry will also be given a perennial airing. I […]

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Peaky Blinders

Yesterday morning saw GJ Strachan chronicling his daily blog in a different coffee house to the usual domaine d’ecriture. Circumstances dictated to some extent by an unscheduled need to visit his east Leeds based GP and pharmacist. A medication hiccup which required immediate attention the catalyst to re-arrangement of journalling location. Footnote – The medication in question prescribed to cure the middle-aged writers habit of  writing in the third person…… […]

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An Exact Science

I’ve just returned from a Health Circuits class at John Smeaton Leisure Centre (JSLC). With the restoration of my post-exercise heart beat back to normal, along with the consumption of a half litre bottle of water, increased serotonin levels are re-invigorating me both physically and mentally. I’m no scientist, in fact so indifferent was my schooldays interest in biology, chemistry and physics, at 14 I dropped the science subjects as […]

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Two Tribes

Today’s itinerary includes the production and publishing of website prose, a gym session, a pharmacist visit and choir rehearsal. Events ensuring I’ll spent my next few hours in the company of creativity, perspiration, medication and enthusiastically delivered warbling….. And that’s just when I’m writing! Seriously, though, the penmanship and choir attendance undertaken as vehicles towards improving my mental health wellbeing – The gym and medication necessary for yours truly’s physical […]

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Well-Meaning But Flawed

On occasion well-meaning notions can lead to the very opposite consequence as the well-meaner*** intended. For example, this morning my mum thoughtfully announced that on spring’s dawning she proposed contacting a gardener to undertake chez Strachan’s 2020 horticultural maintenance. *** – I’m unsure if the word(s) well-meaner exists. If it doesn’t, though, I can’t help but feeling that it should. Mater’s planned strategy a considerate stance in the wake of my […]

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At The Peloton’s Rear

Today, yours truly’s exercise class of choice is the inaugural Studio Cycling session at a Leeds leisure centre. Not the intensive and deeply exerting spinning type of pedal work; moreover a gentle easing into the world of gymnasium cycle activity….. Or so I’m assured by the leisure centre operative with whom I spoke yesterday. At least. I think the conversation took place with a member of the centre’s staff. He’d […]

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