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To Be, Or Not To Be…..

On Thursday, while queuing for what turned out to be a splendid ham and piccalilli sandwich, I noticed a sign hanging close to the shop entrance advertising a charity called Campaign Against Living in Misery (CALM). As I waited for my butty to be freshly made, I scanned further detail about this campaign/charity, of which I’d no previous exposure. From this rare piece of inquisitiveness, I learned CALM has been […]

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What Goes On In Film Noir Club….

Via the miracle of social media, yesterday evening I received a ‘Dear Editor…..’ correspondence from a mate purporting to be ‘Disgruntled from Shrewsbury’. During this eloquently worded critique they felt moved to highlight key omissions in yesterday’s narrative England Win, Lake & Calmer. England Win, Lake & Calmer being a whimsical monologue giving a brief insight into our weekend trip to the Lake District along with six other friends. For […]

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Offspring Art

Exhausting the superlatives utilised to describe the enchantment of the Lake District has it’s challenges. In the absence of a better simile, the degree of difficulty in achieving the paucity of adjectives is akin to an inward high board dive incorporating a tuck, pike, along with a straight water entry. For centuries the aesthetic splendour of the area has inspiring countless artists in various fields of creative art. Individuals who […]

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Recklessness During Wordplay

Thursday 7th June – Yesterday, as my spouse and me sauntered aimlessly around Ilkley’s inclines, something struck me. Mercifully, that something wasn’t the bus I almost stepped in front of on Leeds Road in the centre of the Yorkshire spa town. Ironically, the thought causing my concentration to wander while crossing the road was the random realisation an anagram of Ilkley was ‘kill ye’. Becoming aware of this worthless fact […]

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The Final Purge

Saturday 28th April – Childhood ‘Oor Wullie’ and ‘The Broons’ annuals, original Ladybird books from the 1970’s, family photos from the last seventy years and a commemorative plate from the 1981 marriage of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer – Just a snapshot of the gems unearthed during this morning’s final purge of mater’s garage. Brother Ian and my younger days flashed before our eyes when box or tea chest […]

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Until Next Year

Wednesday 11th April – This year’s scheduled plan for domestic decoration thankfully concluded yesterday evening. Following a two day makeover which included rendering the walls with Dulux Natural Carico emulsion, in addition to glossing the woodwork, the master bedroom stands rejuvenated. It’s tired paintwork re-invigorated by two matt coatings and the application of chaste white gloss to skirting and doors. The third room to receive Gary Strachan decorative TLC in […]

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“I’ll Have 50p Each Way On…..”

It’s Grand National day this coming Saturday. A day of equine drama, jubilation, despair and, for many in the UK, their only sporting bet of the year. The throng of once a year punters, a well subscribed club of who myself belong – Apart from the few days a year when I go racing at the York Knavesmire course. The group with who I’m a paid up member (well I […]

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