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I Should Coco

There’s a saying that, with its chromatic scenery, the county of Kent is ‘The Garden of England’. Waking to yet another day of incessant precipitation, I’ve concluded there’s something behind the cliche that Lancashire*** county is casa England’s shower tray. *** – The county west of my home county Yorkshire, where I’m residing for a few days with a group of friends. I’m residing in a lodge at a resort park […]

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As I begin this prose I’m taking temporary residence in a Costa coffee house in the White Rose Shopping Centre. My OCD being severely tested by having to utilise a different cafe than normal due to flooding at my usual eatery. Circumstances that’ve led to feelings of angst, an outbreak of hives and a desire to buy cheesecake. Yesterday during a conversation with an acquaintance***, in a tete-a-tete about my summer […]

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Night Shift Nonsense

“I’ll give you a clue, he won the medal while riding a horse.”  Words from a board game question master to myself and team mate. His well-meaning attempt to assist our floundering efforts at answering the question “At what sport did Sweden’s Anders Garderud win a gold medal at the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games?” It was the early hours of a morning circa 1990, five men sitting at a wooden […]

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Pub Quiz

Unless you count the endless questioning my family subjected me to in our local boozer on returning from Canada, on Tuesday evening I took part in a pub quiz for the first time in ages. My team comprising of three young local Bedfordshire couples (aged in their late 20’s/early 30’s I’d guess) and yours truly. The latter a middle aged northern Englishman who came in handy for the history stuff […]

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GJS 1-0 Comfort Zone (After Extra Time)

I’ve just arrived back home after my two day sojourn south to Bedfordshire where I performed some of my writing to an audience of ladies and gents from Barton-le-Clay village. judging from the congregation’s reaction, this inaugural attempt at orating my work proving to be a highly successful undertaking by yours truly. My ‘script’ the yarns I’d written during a recent adventure across the pond, published on my website […]

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I’m commencing this Sunday morning blog sustained by a comfort food breakfast of a cuppa and sausage sandwich. I didn’t get an opportunity to pen a narrative yesterday; a result of spending time in the company of with my brother Ian. Yours truly’s younger sibling my lifelong best buddy who I’d not seen for around six months…… And, no he hasn’t been in prison, our kid just lives miles away. […]

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Hair Yesterday, Gone Today!

In an event of laxness by yours truly, this morning I inadvertently reduced my four week beard to stubble. This grooming carelessness occurring during a planned trim of my overgrown facial hair using clippers adorning a number two guard. After the clippers first foray into my beard it was clear from the stubble length, when compared to the remaining beard, that I’d commenced the visage tidy up with razor bereft […]

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