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The Self-Proclaimed Bard of Bardsey

A couple of years back, in an attempt to increase the versatility of my work, I set myself a challenge of penning poetry, as an aside to my daily blog. Deliberately quilled in an enigmatic, cryptic and pretentious style, these sonnets provoked the reader into their own challenge of unravelling the meaning of the locutions. I must have written around fifty of these poems in the summer of 2017. Prose […]

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One Out, All Out!!

Yesterday evening my fan assisted oven decided to join its kitchen appliance buddies, the refrigerator and washing machine, with their recent decision to cease working. This inconvenient collective withdrawal of white goods labour all occurring in the past two weeks. Consequently at various junctures within the last fortnight Mrs S’s laundry schedule has been disrupted, perishable comestible purchases have required more thorough planning, and the family’s lost the ability to […]

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A Rite of Passage

Yesterday, in the narrative Till Death Us Do Part, I wrote of a late April evening in 1970 when introduced to the misery of witnessing my football amours, Leeds United, falling at the final hurdle. The first of many heartbreaking experiences over the past five decades when they were a hairsbreadth from achieving their seasons trophy or promotion objective(s). Don’t get me wrong, there’s also been many highs while following the West Yorkshire […]

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Punishment To Fit The Crime

Solar rays envelope large swathes of West Yorkshire as I write. The meteorological god Zeus finally turning off the celestial precipitation tap*** allowing me to finally get into the garden to undertake much needed maintenance. Not my own garden back in LS15, but the lawns and borders of my mother’s WF3 home. *** – I only hope Zeus isn’t on a water meter, otherwise this last week will’ve cost him […]

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The Choir Invisible Risible?!

Following the recent emptying of garbage bins by refuse collectors, the wheelie bin cleaning guy is currently treating our cul-de-sac’s rubbish receptacles to a monthly spruce up. A £3 jet clean removing the cylinders interior and exterior detritus, providing a sparkling facade, along a pleasant fragrance courtesy of sanitising spray. I’m unclear what cologne this chap dowses upon the newly pristine wheelie bins. However, it presents a fresh, clean aroma that’s […]

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Making Things Unnecessarily Difficult

As I commence my second essay of today, I’m sitting in the Costa coffee shop at The Springs Retail Park, close to junction 46 of the M1 motorway. This precinct opened six months ago in various stages of completion, located a short walking distance from the east Leeds suburban estate I’ve resided within for the last twenty three years. Unsurprisingly for a contemporary out of town shopping park its domain […]

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Gin & Bear It

It’s the first Bank Holiday Monday in May. Sometimes referred to as May Day, or in some UK residences Bloody Hell I Feel Rough This Morning Day. The latter moniker embraced by those who took advantage of an elongated weekend by spending their Sunday imbibing a variety of alcoholic beverages. Yesterday’s over-indulgence meaning today is one where they’ve little option but to ‘grin and bear it’……… Or for some it’s […]

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