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Through the French doors a sun kissed lawn, tubs of kaleidoscopically coloured winter pansies, budding clematises and a variety of perennial shrubs provide the chromatic backdrop to today’s prose. That being said, the lawn, although green and healthy, is currently not at its cosmetic best. Its facade tainted by several moribund weeds. These unwelcome plants in their final days, following an act of horticultural genocide by yours truly, made more […]

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It was touching to receive so many birthday wishes via social media on Thursday. I’m always appreciative when individuals take time to convey regards; a gratitude mirrored when they make space in their schedules to visit my website and/or read my narratives. With my time predominantly spent in solitude, by choice I hasten to add, gaining an awareness I still register on many friends and acquaintances radar is heartening. […]

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In recent years I’ve embraced a more contrarian nature than previously adopted during earlier adult life. Middle-age granting me the wisdom that staying true to my beliefs were an infinitely preferable bedfellow to compromising principles to curry favour. The latter displays of appeasement frustratingly occasionally granted to people completely unworthy of my respect. My former behaviour manifesting from a misguided belief I was following a laudable strategy to improve/maintain popularity. […]

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Death & All His Friends

During a period of pondering over my own mortality post cardiac arrest, one of the notions I briefly dwelt upon was what I’d have missed most should the coin have landed on the other side and GJ Strachan hadn’t survived the incident. Despite being capricious of mood and, as my mother would say, exhibiting a visage that at times “Could stop a clock“, there are occasions my body language can […]

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One Small Step

Tomorrow sees my long-awaited post cardiac arrest health assessment. This a pre-requisite so cardio rehab staff can formulate a bespoke rehab plan for me to utilise at my local gym. This fitness strategy being drawn up to strengthen my heart muscle after it sustained moderate damage during the life-threatening incident. A plan that, although not mandatory, is an available and clearly sensible approach to follow. Hopefully, in association with my stents, […]

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April Fool’s Gold

It’s April Fools Day. Consequently, we’ll have a day littered with inane pranks, silly stories and tiresome practical jokes…… In other words it’s business as usual dans maison de Strachan. I find some practical jokes quite funny, such as the prank an acquaintance plans involving the filling of hollow Easter egg gifts with toothpaste…….. Unless one of them is mine, in which case I’ll be bloody furious! To be honest, […]

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Impractically Imperfect In Some Ways

“Mrs Dragons, Stanley’s spoiling our skipping game!”  An oft heard piece of tittle-tattle aimed at my mum during her patrols of the Oakfield Infant School (OIS) playground in late 1970s Gateshead. Her role as dinner nanny at the Low Fell nursery exposing the Leeds lady to the regular telling of tales, in particular other pupil’s disclosure of a young pupil called Stanley’s mischief. Mrs Dragons, the moniker bestowed upon my […]

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