Button Pressing

One of the most irksome of the many challenging episodes tainting yours truly’s recent existential landscape has been my dementia afflicted mother’s recent inability to fathom how the TV remote control functions.

Consequently, even the most basic of acts, such as taking the telly out of standby mode, or merely changing channel, are now as puzzling to the old lady (Maggie) as it is for me to successfully complete a Rubik’s cube, or correctly remember the Latin names of plants.

This diminishment in TV control capability meaning if she needs the television turning on, or requires a channel change, GJ Strachan is required to come to his mater’s rescue.

A frustration made even worse by the ECO setting on her Sky Q box being activated – Causing her to lose TV functionality every four hours, Subsequently, yours truly’s ‘Damsel in Distress-O-Meter’ has been alerting quite frequently of late.

Attempts at explaining she can mitigate against the Sky Q box going into standby mode by pressing any remote control button (when prompted its about to turn off) have thus far proved futile.

She does, I’m assured by the matriarch, press a remote control button. However, it doesn’t make any difference at stopping the fall into standby as it’s generally undertaken on the wrong controller….. The irony Maggie isn’t aware which buttons to press to get the telly working, but does know which of her eldest offspring’s buttons to press for manifesting irascibility not lost on me.

Anyhow, as this situation’s really started to irritate the heck out of me, today I finally grasped the nettle and disabled the ECO setting on the Sky Q box, meaning the device will remain on unless manually placed into standby.

Consequently, although increasing my carbon footprint, at least I’ll be calmer and hopefully less inclined to throw TV and Sky Q box remotes around the room in sheer dissatisfaction at my lot. It may seem an insignificant inconvenience to many, but I’m finding it can be the smallest of drawbacks which manifest the angriest of reactions here on planet Carer.

The erratic behaviour borne from dementia made even more baffling when taking into account my mum can undertake far more cognitively challenging tasks than changing a TV station. Yet she’s consistently incapable of exhibiting the wherewithal to venture from ITV to BBC1, or vice versa. A flaw which’s guaranteed to rattle someone as notoriously intolerant as yours truly.

Another noticeable decline in my mum’s behaviour of late is a marked decrease in her appetite; Mrs S’ waste during main mealtimes in particular notable.

Despite jokingly longing to tell her she can’t leave the table if she doesn’t eat every scrap of food from her plate, as she’d insist of my siblings and me during our childhoods, I resist such tongue-in-cheek admonishments…… Mainly, because if she leaves the table I get to escape from the cacophonous snorting Maggie now employs when she’s consuming grub.

This snorting joining her ineptitude at controlling the TV and deafening snoring during her frequent daytime cat naps as the three most irritating elements of my day to day existence. As alluded to above, it’s the smallest of setbacks which tend to manifest the angriest of reactions whilst going about my daily role as her carer.

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