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Indifferent Follower of Fashion

With autumn around the corner, over the past week, I’ve been stocking up on some warmer threads. I make no claim to be a dedicated follower of fashion, however, despite […]

A Partial Success

During this morning’s dusting and vacuuming session, prior to my mater’s return from vacation, I felt moved to refresh the aesthetics of the dining room. A chore which involved moving […]

Bohemian Prosody

With my mother (in whose house I’m currently residing) being away with her buddies in Bridlington, I’ve been home alone all week. This freedom resulting in yours truly indulging upon […]

Fish & Nerks

My Leeds born and bred father endearingly labelled them ‘fish and nerks’, or occasionally ‘land and sea’. Depending on the county boundaries you reside, a deep fried takeaway food whose […]

Answers On A Postcard

It’s a beautifully sunny day in ‘God’s Own Country’. With the surreality of living under COVID’s watch, witnessing clips of the election campaign reality show across the pond, along with […]

Return of The Prodigal Sun

It’s back!!…. The prodigal sun has returned to Yorkshire. Kill the fatted calf, ignite the spit roast coals (well, bbq briquettes), replenish your ever depleting vitamin D levels and rejoice! […]


I’ve recently returned from watching an under-16 football match between my new locale Tingley and former manor Colton. A spontaneous decision resulting in a couple of hours where I got […]

Another Ten Things

This morning my mother departed on a weeks holiday to Bridlington with some of her buddies. Consequently, GJ Strachan’s upcoming days will hopefully be bereft of being asked the same […]


GJ Strachan commences this monologue fresh from feeding my little canine buddy Coco her lunch. As I look across at my Labrador/retriever cross sat on the settee it’s heartening to […]

Surprise For The Birthday Girl

Yesterday afternoon, family and friends gathered at a local social club for my mum’s surprise 80th birthday party. Upon entering the event room, filled with almost thirty family and friends, […]

The Marmite Inquisition

It was during the late 1960’s, at around the age of five years old, when I first became aware of marmite. A realisation manifesting while sitting eating breakfast in the […]

Love At First Sight

On Sunday, my mother will reach the grand old age of 80. A milestone she’s reached with her rose coloured glasses firmly intact; along with her viewing life events from […]

Unlikely Bringer of Joy

Yesterday, the middle-age domain, which’s been my fixed abode since 2013 when first able to tell the difference between a rhododendron and an azalea, witnessed yours truly bed even further […]

A Dream?

Birdsong provides the aural backdrop to today’s literation. A chanson of appealing pitch and melody,, making a desirable change from cacophonous squawks of wood pigeons and magpies. Dins which ordinarily […]

Spark of Madness

“You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” – Robin Williams It’d be hard to argue the Chicago born actor/comedian didn’t utilise his spark of madness […]