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In about two hours I’ll be partaking in only my second ever Pilates class. This re-entering into the contrology studio resultant of, bar finding balancing on one leg without falling over a challenge, thoroughly enjoying my recent inaugural session of the core enhancing exercise. This lack of stability while attempting to remain upright on a solitary lower limb surprised and slightly alarming yours truly. After all, I used to have […]

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Cursing by Proxy

Today sees me in a somewhat laconic mood. Yours truly’s midday return back to Leeds, after a brief but pleasant tarry to the manor of its city cousin York, manifesting within me a melancholic prevailing outlook. Consequently, Thursday’s verbal interactions have been markedly sparser of content than usual. Those utilised are predominantly laden with cynicism, dolefulness and lugubrious advocacies which, although not uncommon in normal day to day exchanges, are […]

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Doing Business

“It was cold; once she’d done her business we came straight back home.” Information related to me from a friend in response to a question relating to the walk she’d returned from with her Labrador/retriever cross Coco. The expression ‘doing its business’ has always struck me as a curious way to describe a canines emptying of its bowels. Sure everyone knows what it means, however, I always felt the pretty non-descriptive […]

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Tattoo Or No Tattoo; That Is The Question!

In a move deserving of the word cliche, despite being firmly entrenched in my 50’s, I’m contemplating getting my first tattoo. An urge some will observe as an indication of a mid-life crisis; my desire to embrace body art at this juncture of the ageing process an attempt at reclaiming some semblance of youth. My accusers maybe not far from the mark, you certainly do evaluate your life more thoroughly […]

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The Breeze Before The Storm

With the UK about to be consumed by gale force winds, in currently sedate meteorological conditions, its citizens ubiquitously exist in a literal calm before the storm. That being said, after alighting my vehicle in a retail outlet’s parking lot, I experienced an incident indicating germinal breezes of the soon to be ferocious winds were already upon us. This event occurring on removing a soft leather spectacle case from my […]

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Open The Door & Let ‘Em In

Earlier, I’d a unimportant riddle to resolve surrounding delivery of the latest book I’ve self-published. This hardback containing literary excerpts first penned as content for my website This a 38th tome I’ve had printed into book format since autumn 2016. My minuscule enigma being whether to abandon venturing out to my usual cafe domaine d’ecriture to wait for my art’s courier delivery; instead penning Friday’s narrative at chez Strachan. […]

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Exercise Plans & Home Repairs

This morning a gym class, along with overseeing the replacement of a toilet flush mechanism at my marital home, held priority over chronicling this essay. Consequently, it was 2.30pm before my posterior parked itself on a cafe shop chair to pen these reflexions decalees. I’m not overly fazed by this delay, experience indicates yours truly ordinarily requires only around two hours to attain my daily goal of the 500 word […]

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