As a man who likes to create through either the conduit of words or drawing, I’ve recently undertaken research to try and understand how my own particular skill sets fit in with other creatives. My objective that of attempting to interpret what psychologists state makes me and other innovators tick.

Incidentally, when writing ‘recently undertaken research’ I’m not referring to any great reading into the subject. Moreover a cursory glance at an online piece titled ’14 Ways Creative Minds Think Differently Than Everyone Else’. An essay in which the psychologist author lists the following 14 traits common to those with creative minds:-

  1. They are observant
  2. They daydream
  3. They challenge the status quo
  4. They regularly slip into the creative flow
  5. They have difficulty finishing projects
  6. They see patterns and connections
  7. They feed their souls
  8. They are open
  9. They embrace their authenticity
  10. They create in cycles
  11. They have a tough time believing in themselves
  12. They are resilient
  13. They follow their passions
  14. They view life as an opportunity for self-expression

With the exception of the first two, upon reading this list, along with their accompanying explanatory vignettes, I concluded that these are all traits yours truly displays frequently.

The attributes resonating most with me being creating in cycles, openness, difficulty finishing projects, tough times believing in myself, the feeding my soul, resilience and the ingrained following of a passion.

According to the author, “Creativity has its own natural rhythms and cannot be forced any more than the seasons of nature can be. In any creative life, there will be ebbs and flows: periods of productivity and also times when it is more appropriate to go inwards.”

As I find there are indeed days epiphanies are far more infrequent than others, they’re suggestions with which I can fully relate….. I’ll still write on those creatively barren days, but know the finished product will likely not be amongst my most humorous/insightful offerings.

The reports writer going on to say “Those with creative minds suffer from the same doubts and confidence issues as the rest of us. When an artist is struggling to find a place in the world and an audience who values their work, this lack of self-confidence can become acute. Even highly successful creative people often have a hard time seeing the brilliance of their own work.”

As someone who’s not even attained the level of jobbing writer yet, words which particularly resonate with GJ Strachan. Despite this angst, though, I possess enough faith in my ability to convince myself I can overcome these barriers. Something touched upon when the author goes on to state:-

Luckily, while creative types often doubt themselves, they are also determined and resilient. They need to be. Creative work is often full of projects that don’t quite go right and often even downright failures. This is where resilience is needed.

As I’ve penned 2,459 blogs without financial recompense, I’d say my resilience and determination floweth over. This attribute underpinned by a steadfastness that one day I’ll be recognised by a wider audience as the creator of funny, thought provoking and accomplished prose.

Regardless of any setback, I’d always back my writing ability and am resolved to bring this to pass….. Karma repaying me for the hard work I’ve put in over the past 5-6 years…… I comfort myself that old karmy just needs a little coaxing.

What have I learned about the creative process from reading this article?….. Well other than it appears I possess the majority of the traits of an inventive writer, which I kinda knew anyway, not a great deal.

For example, I didn’t unearth what part of my biological cognitive makeup spawned the earlier arbitrary idea for today’s narrative being TV chef Ainsley Harriet’s favourite pasta recipe. An utterly random subject epiphany of which I know absolutely nothing, which’d run the risk of Segwaying me towards the difficulty finishing projects behaviour of which the pieces writer touches upon as follows:-

“One of the drawbacks to having a creative mind is that finishing things can be a problem. The initial stages of a creative project are exciting and new, but this excitement can fade with time, much as many love affairs do! It’s easy to abandon projects when they become more difficult and challenging. Creative types may also find themselves distracted by their next big idea.

An observation which’d possibly explains my reticence at taking on one large project, something I’ve undertaken and ditched on many times previously. Consequently, leading to my preferred writing vehicle being these daily 500-800 word journals on a variety of topics.

Anyhow, as I reach the denouement of this piece you’re probably wondering what lesson I’m attempting to convey from this sojourn through the creative process…… If truth be told, not a lot; I don’t even offer up Ainsley Harriet’s favourite pasta recipe….. That’s details of the recipe, clearly, not the meal itself – Which in my defence, even if I knew Harriet’s preference, would be logistically impossible to deliver to all of my readership….. After all, I’m a writer, not bloody Deliveroo!!

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