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Should’ve Gone To Specsavers

Tidying out drawers this afternoon I came across a couple of long forgotten male grooming products. Originally part of a cosmetic gift box received for Christmas 2018, the two small tubes remnants of a set whose face wash and moisturiser containers I’d utilised during 2019. Unearthing these products, which I believe were festive trinkets from my son, intrigued me, as I’d no idea which cosmetic creams actually resided in the […]

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Russell’s Reflections

Last year, quite by accident I became aware of excerpts from the work of late philosopher/essayist Bertrand Russell. Knowledge I stumbled upon on during binge watching YouTube videos of thought-provoking advocacies delivered by individuals such as Stephen Fry, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris. In a compilation of celluloid lectures, where sitting engrossed at all four’s compelling debating style, I learned of a universal reverence borne by the quartet bore […]

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Peaky Blinders

Yesterday morning saw GJ Strachan chronicling his daily blog in a different coffee house to the usual domaine d’ecriture. Circumstances dictated to some extent by an unscheduled need to visit his east Leeds based GP and pharmacist. A medication hiccup which required immediate attention the catalyst to re-arrangement of journalling location. Footnote – The medication in question prescribed to cure the middle-aged writers habit of  writing in the third person…… […]

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Two Tribes

Today’s itinerary includes the production and publishing of website prose, a gym session, a pharmacist visit and choir rehearsal. Events ensuring I’ll spent my next few hours in the company of creativity, perspiration, medication and enthusiastically delivered warbling….. And that’s just when I’m writing! Seriously, though, the penmanship and choir attendance undertaken as vehicles towards improving my mental health wellbeing – The gym and medication necessary for yours truly’s physical […]

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Filling Good

Last summer’s two week stay in the Betty Ford Clinic (BFC), where a strict regime of good diet, drinking more water than’s held in place by the Hoover Dam and counselling, resulted in me departing it’s buildings and grounds with my Haribo gummy sweet addiction in check. Yours truly’s favourable outcome consequential of a fortnight’s focus, discipline and stoicism on my part. This addiction bringing with it misery, pain and […]

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The Best Policy?

An early lesson of enlightenment during my fledgling years was exposure to the adage ‘Honesty is the best policy’. Well-meaning moral guidance from a mentor whom I’m currently unable to recall. It was, though, likely to have been brought to my attention either by my parents, Mrs Edwards (my first teacher at Oakfield Infant School), or a character on children’s TV. If it turns out to be the latter, the […]

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Cokes – She’s The Real Thing

Yesterday’s essay On The Road To My Horizon was chronicled shortly prior to attending my inaugural Pilates class. An impulse booking made the previous evening whilst scouring the Active Leeds website for suitable classes to maintain my recently commenced fitness regime. Prior to taking my place on the Pilates mat, apart from an understanding the exercise scheme was orientated towards strengthening core and improving posture, I’d no real idea what situations […]

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