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Larry for PM

June has taken the month baton from May. A seamless exchange that’ll no doubt see the fifth calendar month’s relief at being able to escape from the Brexit nonsense, indifferent weather and global trade uncertainty which tarnished its tenure. “May has gone!”……. A cry not only heard this week from a Gregorian calendar perspective, but also recently when UK Prime Minister (PM) Theresa May confirmed she’d leave her post on […]

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One Out, All Out!!

Yesterday evening my fan assisted oven decided to join its kitchen appliance buddies, the refrigerator and washing machine, with their recent decision to cease working. This inconvenient collective withdrawal of white goods labour all occurring in the past two weeks. Consequently at various junctures within the last fortnight Mrs S’s laundry schedule has been disrupted, perishable comestible purchases have required more thorough planning, and the family’s lost the ability to […]

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Through the French doors a sun kissed lawn, tubs of kaleidoscopically coloured winter pansies, budding clematises and a variety of perennial shrubs provide the chromatic backdrop to today’s prose. That being said, the lawn, although green and healthy, is currently not at its cosmetic best. Its facade tainted by several moribund weeds. These unwelcome plants in their final days, following an act of horticultural genocide by yours truly, made more […]

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Death & All His Friends

During a period of pondering over my own mortality post cardiac arrest, one of the notions I briefly dwelt upon was what I’d have missed most should the coin have landed on the other side and GJ Strachan hadn’t survived the incident. Despite being capricious of mood and, as my mother would say, exhibiting a visage that at times “Could stop a clock“, there are occasions my body language can […]

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Dorchester Gardens Street Party – 1977

June 1977 – Two months before Elvis passed, Red Rum had just won the Grand National for the third time, Star Wars was breaking all box-office records and the UK’s populous held street parties celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s silver jubilee. One such street party took place in Dorchester Gardens, Low Fell. The south Gateshead cul-de-sac of twenty six houses where I spent my childhood and early immature adult years. A […]

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Mike’s Motor

As a follow up from my recent cardiac scare, I’ve just had an appointment with my GP at their east Leeds surgery.. At the commencement of my consultation I was alarmed to be advised by the doctor it’d be wise not to book any holidays. Concerned at this edict I responded “Why doctor is my heart prognosis that bad?” To which she replied “No, but now you’ve had a heart […]

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As undertaken around a month ago, I’m contemplating ridding myself of facial hair. This a consequence of my visage fluff starting to itch like hell. Not to mention my wife recently liken me to Catweazle’s scruffier brother……. And that was before I’d even grown this full beard! Pretentiously, I see my increased facial hirsuteness as a maverick move mirroring the fashion of many who for generations have shared my creative […]

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