Rainbow Climbing High

My wife Karen announced earlier it's rainbow trout for dinner tonight. I'm assuming she's referring to the fact we'll be consuming the fish species with colour reflecting scales. Aquatic craniate animal equally at home in salt or fresh water. Not that she's following a trout recipe from a cookbook written by Zippy, Bungle and George! … Continue reading Rainbow Climbing High

Forgotten Riches

At the risk of turning this into a less accomplished Alan Bennett biscuit monologue, yesterday I became reacquainted with the joys of Rich Teas. A cookie pleasure I'd not experienced for decades, following the turning of my fickle heart and head by the enchantment of a chocolate Hob Nob. My Rich Tea relationship ending abruptly … Continue reading Forgotten Riches

Dante’s Inferno – 2019

In my attempts to dodge situations adding strain on my still recovering cardio system I'm currently striving to avoid TV news bulletins. An approach purposely taken to evade the journalistic millstones capable of dragging even the most positive individuals (of which I'm not one) into a pit of despair. Stories that transport you from the … Continue reading Dante’s Inferno – 2019

Poetic Licence

Around eighteen months ago I dabbled at extending my literary boundaries by trying my hand at writing poetry. All very pompous and tongue in cheek stuff, delivered in an olde worlde style, some of which can be found on my website writesaidfred.org under the menu title of 'Pretentious Prose'. https://strachan.blog/2017/06/24/pretentious-prose/ These pieces of work were … Continue reading Poetic Licence


January 2nd - The posteriors of the missus and yours truly currently occupy two waiting room chairs within a Leeds oncology unit. Bearing in mind recent festive period over-indulgences, I'm a tad surprised my ever burgeoning butt only requires one seat. However, one seat is suffice to provide a comfortable perch whilst I endeavour populating … Continue reading Boundaries

East Leeds Locutions

Monday proved to be a rather unspectacular day for yours truly. Waking to heavy rainfall, the low level grey stratus clouds hung around LS15 throughout daylight hours. A fitting metaphor for my mood - Spirits that weren't even lifted by the midday arrival of my latest self-published book of blog excerpts. My 23rd tome, titled … Continue reading East Leeds Locutions


One of the groups I follow on social media is Viz Comic. This the Facebook electronic channel of comic that's been available to buy in newsagents for ages. I could google the exact date it came into publication, but I don't envisage your that interested so I won't bother...... If you are, google it yourself, … Continue reading Vis-a-Viz