Bloc D’écrivains

A topic for today’s blog currently evades me. This bloc d’écrivains not eased any by a panoramic scan of the living room’s contents, which aren’t providing much inspiration during this epiphany barren time.

Amongst those items catching my eye are a dozen photographs of family members, a crystal filled wall unit, a nest of tables, two table lamps, along with 40+ sympathy cards sending condolences for my mother’s recent passing.

The cards courtesy of family friends from up and down this sceptred isle so touched by mater’s acquaintance, even if they’d not seen her for decades, they’d felt moved to bestow our clan with kind regards at this emotionally challenging time.

Individuals can be so kind and supportive following a loved one’s bereavement. People like my elderly uncle George Hershal who, on the proviso we save him the seat nearest the bar, has offered the use of his lucky spoon at the wake.

George isn’t a real uncle, or coming to think it or particularly elderly, regardless though the cutlery loan offer was appreciated by the brood….. In fact, my siblings and me were so touched by his gesture that if he didn’t use the spoon for digging his garden borders we’d have possibly took him up on the offer.

Despite his oft unpredictable nature, it’ll be good to see Uncle George again after not being in his company since my dad’s funeral four years ago. An occasion when a similar offer of utensil loan was also politely rejected…. It may sound ungrateful, but we honestly had no requirement for an anvil before, during or after pater’s wake.

In 2017, George’s wife of 15 years Myrtle became the first person in West Yorkshire to order and eat a Big Mac while undergoing an out of body experience. A bizarre case made even stranger by the fact she was standing in next doors KFC at the time.

Myrtle, who works at the local Co-op as a hat stand, is a kindly woman who when not covered in other people’s millinery likes nothing more than pursuing the hobbies of taking her pet tin of creosote for a walk and juggling kebabs….. The latter pastime ensuring the Yorkshire lass’s outfits are rarely free of kebab meat, chilli sauce and onions.

As alluded to above, it’ll be lovely to spend some time in George and Myrtle’s company again. Hopefully, though, as the church and crematorium have strict no anvil and tin of creosote policies, those items will remain at their Dewsbury home….. Hopefully, though, this time George’s missus will wash off the chilli sauce and onions from her funeral outfit before arrival.

The sun has just made its first appearance for a few days. Solar rays have been as rare as an unjuggled kebab in George and Myrtle’s residence. Driving the roads and byways of Leeds earlier was an unpleasant experience as a consequence of the low autumnal sunbeams…… Yes, the sun has got its hat on, unless it ventures into the Co-op when I guess it’ll be Myrtle donning the headgear.

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