Mention in Despatches

On Monday afternoon I took a first recuperative walk since being discharged from hospital, embarking on a short meander to the end of the street and back. Only a few hundred yards in distance and undertaken on flat terrain, it was hardly Hannibal's trek across the Himalayas; however I was heartened to witness an improvement … Continue reading Mention in Despatches

Rain Stops Dismay

In search of a strategy to help me relax during post-op recuperation, I'm currently listening to the calming sounds of rainfall on YouTube. This ten hour video, shot in a park on one static camera, bequeathing to it's viewer/listener the relaxing tones of cascading precipitation. I'd like to clarify, I don't intend listening to all … Continue reading Rain Stops Dismay


On the album Nothing Like The Sun ex-Police frontman Sting gifted his discerning listener a serene refrain titled 'Fragile'. Contained within it a particularly emotive musical thread performed on Spanish guitar. A melancholic yet comforting melody apparently inspired by the killing of a peace corps volunteer in Nicaragua. As a non-musician I'm unqualified to give … Continue reading Fragile


Yesterday, during discharge from hospital, a medic warned me to take things steady physically, along with avoiding situations that may trigger stressful responses. Well meaning advice key to GJ Strachan's speedier post-op recuperation. The need of which chronicled in greater depth in yesterdays blog 'Home at Last' - Knowing the potential consequences of not … Continue reading Adapting

A Dark Anniversary

This week sees the eighth anniversary of a life changing event that shook my family to it's core. A time my brood and I were ushered, or more accurately dragged kicking and screaming, onto an unwanted emotional rollercoaster sojourn. A ride with no height restrictions, or indeed any other discriminatory parameters, allowing for non-participation. My … Continue reading A Dark Anniversary

Waiting Room Only

I'm hospital waiting room in situ as the starter's pistol signals commencement of my second blog of the day. At least I think it was a starter's gun, not the sound of a drive-by shooting on Beckett Street! Sitting in the Imaging department waiting area, the comforting heat of an adjacent radiator warms my chilled … Continue reading Waiting Room Only

Kris’ Selfless Legacy

Ordinarily, I don't watch breakfast TV magazine shows. Indifference to celebrity gossip, unashamed self publicity of guest's new books and show biz 'idols' showing similar indifference in reporter Dan Wootton's selfies, negating my desire to pay it much mind. This morning, though, I was glued to a segment of ITV's Lorraine show, featuring a remarkably … Continue reading Kris’ Selfless Legacy