Meander…. You Jane!

Today's rehabilitative exercise aimed at strengthening my post-cardiac arrest ticker was a bracing 45 minute walk around Colton village. Slowly but surely I'm attempting to raise my heart's exertion levels; as such today's amble was at a brisker pace than normal. Accompanied by late winter sunshine, it was a pleasant enough sojourn around the estate. … Continue reading Meander…. You Jane!

Birtley Breather

With my wife Karen currently spending time in County Durham caring for her recently widowed dad, I'll be home alone this week. A time I aim to spend constructively by waxing lyrical, scratching around and nattering over Emu's fate since Rod Hull's untimely demise. My wife's home town Birtley located just south of the Angel … Continue reading Birtley Breather

What to Watch?

Late this afternoon I'll be confronted by a conundrum which afflicts us armchair sports fans once or twice a season. Not a problem of earth shattering proportions by any stretch of the imagination, nevertheless a decision still requiring careful consideration. This trivial poser the three football/rugby teams I follow being broadcast live on TV almost … Continue reading What to Watch?

Sounds Like A Plan

During a post-lunch walk around the estate in which casa Strachan resides I bumped into an old acquaintance. Aware of my recent cardio issues, during our brief chat, he magnanimously offered his good wishes for a speedy and full recovery. During the conversation they enquired what the experience of undergoing a heart attack felt like. … Continue reading Sounds Like A Plan


Due to recent life events, I'm currently undertaking an unintended 'Dry January'. My alcohol abstinence not earning money for a charitable cause, as with those who're partaking in the official event, however at least my liver will be benefitting from this extended sobriety. To be honest, I actually could drink if so desired as long … Continue reading Dry

X Marks The Spot

Sitting with a bowl of wasabi peas and a mandarin, carrot and ginger smoothie, I've one eye on my laptop and the other on a Sky Atlantic show called The Trip to Spain. This a series of six half hour shows in which British entertainers/writers Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon sample cuisine at some of … Continue reading X Marks The Spot

Mike’s Motor

As a follow up from my recent cardiac scare, I've just had an appointment with my GP at their east Leeds surgery.. At the commencement of my consultation I was alarmed to be advised by the doctor it'd be wise not to book any holidays. Concerned at this edict I responded "Why doctor is my … Continue reading Mike’s Motor